In FOCUS: Sarah Stringham, Intern | Land Planning

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Through the FOCUS Internship Program, we are introduced to enthusiastic and talented students who will one day be leaders in our industry—and possibly our company. Some college students learn of FOCUS through a career fair or a job posting while others find us by word of mouth. The latter is how Sarah Stringham found the firm. 

Sarah is enrolled in the Community and Regional Planning master’s program at the University of Utah with Megan Spencer. Megan shared that FOCUS was a great place to work and encouraged Sarah to apply. The two now work together in the Land Planning Department. 

Since joining FOCUS in June, Sarah has embraced opportunities for learning as well as hands-on career and industry insights. “It has been fun to be exposed to so many things I didn’t have experience with before starting here,” she says. Because land planning is the first step to any site development project, Sarah creates concept designs to help our clients visualize their ideas. This planning is then seamlessly integrated into site civil engineering and landscape design. “I like the creativity and challenge that is involved in trying to get roads, lots, parking, and buildings to fit into a certain space with all the necessary parameters,” explains Sarah. “Participating in the behind-the-scenes element of a project and tracking its progress through many different stages to reality is really fascinating.”

As a firm that values its employee experience as much as its service to clients, our interns are encouraged to take full advantage of all the opportunities given full-time employees. “I feel like I have been given lots of support while working here,” Sarah shares. She also appreciates how well her department team members collaborate and communication with each other on the many different projects they work on. She also appreciates the focus on having a great workplace environment and culture. “The people and culture here at FOCUS are one of the best things about working here.” 

While our internship program is a valuable recruiting tool we use to discover the best and brightest employees, it’s also an opportunity for students like Sarah to learn about the profession and industry as well as our firm. Because just like we want our clients to know they made the correct choice in partnering with us, so it goes for our team.