Completed Projects

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ID-Latitude 42 Apartments

Latitude 42 is an apartment complex with seven, three-story buildings comprising a total of 130 units and a clubhouse. It also features a playground, pickleball court, and a dog park. The complex’s extensive footprint posed a challenge in meeting the city’s water retention requirements. The FOCUS team considered various options to address the challenge, including using a StormTech drainage system. However, after consulting with the client, it was determined that a seepage pit would provide the best solution.

ID-Diamond Peak Towns

The Diamond Peak townhome community is comprised of 16 three-story, 2,165-square-foot units. The site’s dimensions and location required multiple retaining walls and made the design of the sewer system challenging. Retaining walls had to be designed to be effective, yet narrow enough to allow sufficient distance between the walls and the buildings for adequate yard space. The site’s sewer system, while designed by FOCUS engineers, will be built as part of the neighboring site due to the systems location. This required coordination between FOCUS, Diamond Peak, and the neighboring site to ensure the system was designed and built properly to meet all parties’ requirements.


Epic Shine needed site plans and construction drawings for a new carwash location in Nampa, Idaho, and tasked FOCUS to complete the necessary deliverables in a very short timeframe. FOCUS accepted the challenge and allocated sufficient engineering and landscape architecture resources to ensure the project could be completed according to the client’s tight schedule.

Frito Lay Distribution Center

Frito-Lay has a large distribution center in West Valley City, Utah that required several improvements and expansions. FOCUS construction staking crews laid out the site’s expansions which included new building corners, bolt patterns, storage silos, and a parking lot. When the field crew arrived to stake out the bolt patterns the site’s concrete had not yet cured. As uncured concrete can change the locations of the bolts, FOCUS was tasked with monitoring the concrete for possible changes. The FOCUS crew set up an exterior control using a Tribrach and prism that could be rotated to verify that tolerances were being maintained.

Union Pacific Depot

The Union Pacific Depot is more than a hundred years old. Its age and the methods by which it was constructed pose settlement challenges, and variation in the construction materials used resulted in different settlement and compression behaviors. FOCUS was tasked with monitoring the building’s settlement and, to do so, placed 22 wall stations, each with three different vertical stations, and eight independent floor stations throughout the building. The stations are then relayed to a network of six reference stations mounted to stable structures and utilities. Measurements from wall and floor stations are taken in relation to the reference stations to detect minute movements in the structure. This process requires extreme attention to detail to ensure that the measurements are accurate and consistent. FOCUS’s skill at this process made it possible to detect unique behavior in the building that could not have been precisely quantified otherwise.

CC Bank Office Building

FOCUS engineers did the full scope of structural work for the three-story, 20,600-square-foot office building for CC Bank. This is the first of five or six buildings that will be constructed in the Battle Creek Business Park. The architect’s vision for the building presented some structural design challenges. Primarily, there was a large amount of glass in the exterior design, which created some torsional irregularities and pushed the limit of capacity of the masonry shear walls. Working closely with the architect, FOCUS was ultimately able to balance the building’s structural and design requirements, resulting in building that is not only structurally sound, but also aesthetically pleasing and in line with the architect’s vision and the tenant’s wishes.

Wilde Residence

FOCUS provided full structural plans and calculations for a single-family home in East Canyon Estates. The residence was designed using distinctive design elements including curved study walls and complex steel work. The use of the steel beams brings a defining architectural element to the home. Exposed steel beams support the angled roof of the great room. High above the circular living space is a suspended circular roof supported by the roof above with curved steel beams. The design of curved walls posed a challenge for FOCUS structural engineers. It required unique analysis and detailing of structural members to account for the irregularity.

Bell Tower Office

The Bell Tower Office is a commercial 4 acre site in Meridian, Idaho. The parcel selected by FSONE Development is located within a quiet safe community with residential adjacency. A portion of the west side of the property has an existing trail and corridor planting which creates great curb appeal and pedestrian access to the development along Ten Mile Road. This was a project where a great amount of accuracy and attention to detail was needed as this will be the location of FSONE Developments new office. This is a mixed office / medical building. While working with the City of Meridian on the project, the parking requirements were very minimal. FOCUS through the direction of the client maximized on the greatest density of parking we could fit on site to help with the anticipation of many guests visiting the site for the services provided within the building. Around the building open space a seating area with picnic tables surrounded by a large suave of planting was provided to create a private place for the tenants to enjoy lunch or discuss business outdoors. A mixture of decorative river rock and planting with various textures were provided in the theme of the exterior spaces. The location of the site is one mile and in close proximity to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, providing easy access from the main interstate in Meridian.

Latitude 96 Apartments

Latitude 96 development is located along east Ustick Road in Caldwell, Idaho. This 96 apartment development is located off of Ustick Road which has plans for a major widening of the main arterial road. The north portion of the property has a designated 25’ landscape buffer to enhance the main frontage along the road corridor. The developments main center core of the site provides amenities for all of the residents and includes: a 2,000 sf clubhouse, playground, pavilion and picnic tables, and open lawn space. The city and the client FSONE development both collectively agreed that providing 4 electric vehicle charging stations would be a great benefit for the growing users of electric vehicles. A variety of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs are proposed along the perimeter of the site to provide an enhanced planting buffer on site. The development is adjacent to many businesses and has great walkability and an 8’ wide trail throughout the development. There is one covered parking space allotted for each resident and provided parking for guests. The apartment units have a great variety of color and materials on the building facades that lend to a very aesthetic look. The planting palette chosen for the site compliments the building materials and creates a cohesive and appealing place to reside.