Completed Projects

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Bell Tower Office

The Bell Tower Office is a commercial 4 acre site in Meridian, Idaho. The parcel selected by FSONE Development is located within a quiet safe community with residential adjacency. A portion of the west side of the property has an existing trail and corridor planting which creates great curb appeal and pedestrian access to the development along Ten Mile Road. This was a project where a great amount of accuracy and attention to detail was needed as this will be the location of FSONE Developments new office. This is a mixed office / medical building. While working with the City of Meridian on the project, the parking requirements were very minimal. FOCUS through the direction of the client maximized on the greatest density of parking we could fit on site to help with the anticipation of many guests visiting the site for the services provided within the building. Around the building open space a seating area with picnic tables surrounded by a large suave of planting was provided to create a private place for the tenants to enjoy lunch or discuss business outdoors. A mixture of decorative river rock and planting with various textures were provided in the theme of the exterior spaces. The location of the site is one mile and in close proximity to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, providing easy access from the main interstate in Meridian.

Latitude 96 Apartments

Latitude 96 development is located along east Ustick Road in Caldwell, Idaho. This 96 apartment development is located off of Ustick Road which has plans for a major widening of the main arterial road. The north portion of the property has a designated 25’ landscape buffer to enhance the main frontage along the road corridor. The developments main center core of the site provides amenities for all of the residents and includes: a 2,000 sf clubhouse, playground, pavilion and picnic tables, and open lawn space. The city and the client FSONE development both collectively agreed that providing 4 electric vehicle charging stations would be a great benefit for the growing users of electric vehicles. A variety of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs are proposed along the perimeter of the site to provide an enhanced planting buffer on site. The development is adjacent to many businesses and has great walkability and an 8’ wide trail throughout the development. There is one covered parking space allotted for each resident and provided parking for guests. The apartment units have a great variety of color and materials on the building facades that lend to a very aesthetic look. The planting palette chosen for the site compliments the building materials and creates a cohesive and appealing place to reside.

Gagan Residence

The Highland Group hired FOCUS to provide structural engineering for his new two-story, 10,024 SF custom home. The front entry features a unique staircase design, encircled by a silo-like frame. For this distinctive element, the FOCUS team used curved beams; accurate load calculations were imperative to the design. The custom staircase within was designed with steel stringers to complete the overall design aesthetic, which included other detailed work from FOCUS—custom design corbels, timber truss designs, and exposed timber framing for the house’s deck.

Mirsky Residence

Highland Group is known for their one-of-a-kind residential designs, and FOCUS was privileged to provide structural engineering on this 2-story, 15,424 SF custom home in the Heber area. The residence was framed entirely on site, with a design that required exposed timber rafters on eaves. During this process, high snow loads created numerous unique engineering design challenges. A significant amount of builder and architect interaction was necessary to achieve ideal and workable detailing solutions. To help the homeowner’s vision come to life and to circumnavigate how the high snow loads prevented the home’s interior framing from lining up perfectly with the exposed rafters, we stayed organized and accommodated the changing site conditions. By communicating easily-understood adjustments and framing to the framers, we obtained a structurally sound and impressive result.

2100 North Right Of Way

As part of the overall growth in Lehi, FOCUS worked with Lehi City and UDOT to research, survey, and design the existing and new-right-of way along 2100 North (SR 193) to accommodate the widening of 2100 North to add right-turn lanes and bike lanes. FOCUS’ survey crews were able to determine the existing right-of-way and write descriptions for the new right-of-way. Working closely with UDOT, we were able to provide the appropriate documents and get them recorded through the county for official filing. This project stretched over three miles along 2100 North where we surveyed the entire length of 2100 North on both the eastbound and westbound lanes and determined the right-of-way. There were also multiple existing accesses along 2100 North that we worked closely with UDOT to officially close these accesses to obtain the required access spacing to make 2100 North the ultimate roadway classification from UDOT.

Mountain View Corridor Survey

In between Mountain View Corridor and subdivision developments to the east is an existing utility corridor that includes pipe, fiber optic, power and sewer lines, as well as storm drain pipes and a large detention pond facility. The utility companies had multiple easements, agreements, and fee titles to their property to facilitate the utilities. FOCUS utilized information available from the County Recorder, Surveyor’s Office, Utah Department of Transportation, and a current title report to locate visible evidence of the existing utilities. FOCUS plotted the recorded information and descriptions of all easements, agreements and deeds. This included showing the easements in relation to the actual utility locations with surveyors’ notes on the title report exceptions.

Center Street & Wasatch Street

FOCUS was asked by Midvale City to provide survey, landscape, and roadway improvements along two major roads within the city limits – Center Street and Wasatch Street. For both roadways, our team of surveyors, landscape architects, and roadway engineers worked very closely on the gathering of survey information, design of roadway improvements, and landscape to enhance the aesthetics along these roads. The right-of-way along Center Street and Wasatch Street was researched and established and the proposed design was all maintained within these right-of-way limits. We held weekly progress meetings to ensure the project was progressing and staying on schedule, and coordinated with the city on specific landscaping details to meet the goals of this project.

Jones Ranch Survey

FOCUS prepared a boundary, topography, and infrastructure survey for the 592-acre master planned development in West Jordan known as Jones Ranch. This is included topography using drone technology to capture aerial imagery for the entire site. As part of the Jones Ranch development the client is working with West Jordan City to provide a 4 MG water tank, pump station, and transmission lines. FOCUS provided the utility and infrastructure mapping, as well as the topography for the tank site, pumpstation site, and transmission line corridors.

wild blossom Traffic Signal & RRFB

To accommodate recent growth in Saratoga Springs, FOCUS was contracted to design a traffic signal and a HAWK signal along Wild Blossom Boulevard. The intersection of Wild Blossom and Chanti Street was designed for a full traffic signal. About a half mile to the west, a HAWK signal was designed at the major trail crossing. Upon further discussions with the city engineering staff, we were able to determine that the speed limit was low enough, and the roadway lane configuration at this trail crossing was a much better fit for a RRFB (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon). So after the HAWK was fully designed, we changed course and revised the plans to a RRFB design. Both the full traffic signal at Chanti Street and the RRFB at the trail crossing were designed to meet UDOT standards with the appropriate signal heads, wiring, pole design and layout. We also worked closely with the city and UDOT to design the ATMS to connect this signal at Chanti Street with the signals along Mountain View Corridor. FOCUS designed the appropriate radar detection and advanced radar detection at this signal, along with pedestrian push buttons and pedestrian indications to all meet ADA requirements for placement. Close coordination between the city and UDOT was implemented to address both the city’s and UDOT requirements.