Nov 17, 2023

Ben Duzett Earns Professional Licensure

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From an early age, Ben Duzett, our Site Civil Residential Department Manager, had a strong inclination towards civil engineering. As a teenager, under the guidance of his grandfather—a skilled carpenter—he honed his skills on construction and remodeling projects. His ambition has always been clear: “I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” says Ben, finding civil engineering as a viable pathway to achieve this.

Understanding the industry’s expectations and the need for formal credentials, Ben embarked on an educational journey, committed to achieving professional licensing. His determination was underpinned by the belief that it was an essential step for anyone seeking to make a significant impact in the field.

However, like many professionals across the globe, Ben encountered an unforeseen hurdle—the COVID-19 pandemic. Having already registered for the Professional Engineer (PE) exam, the sudden cancellation amidst the unfolding health crisis threatened his motivation. Despite the challenges and the uncertainty of a rescheduled date, he persevered, ultimately attaining his license.

With the license under his belt, he intends to strengthen his skill set and address any weaknesses. He is committed to delivering exceptional client service and better equipping his colleagues. “I want to be a better coach and mentor, enhancing our collective skills and ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.”

Congratulations Ben Duzett on earning your PE license!