Apr 3, 2021

Congratulations Seth Vance | Land Planning and Landscape Architecture Department Manager

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Clear Direction for Land Planning and Landscape Architecture

FOCUS is pleased to announce Seth Vance as Land Planning and Landscape Architecture Department Manager. Under Seth’s leadership, the Land Planning and Landscape Architecture department consults with land developers, private landowners, municipalities, and others to design projects that are organized, efficient and intentional.

As a Planner and Landscape Designer, Seth enjoys iterative, creative, and artistic processes achieved by attention to detail. He is skilled at visualizing ideas. From hand sketches to 3D rendering, Seth ensures his team stays up to date on the tools of the trade so they use their skills to clarify concepts with clients efficiently.

As a manager, Seth’s number one FOCUS is bringing out the best in his team. “My goal is to build a culture and environment that allows them to be successful and grow as designers and managers, but most of all as people,” he asserts.

FOCUS is known for their customer service, and the Land Planning and Landscape Architecture department is no exception. “We aim to provide the best experience all around for our clients by putting their needs first and doing everything we can to make their project a success,” states Seth. “We understand that many companies provide the same services we do, but I believe that not many are willing to provide the same level of responsiveness and care that we do.”

Department services include master planning and area development plans; concept plans and lot layout/lot yield for single family and multifamily residential; conceptual design of site plans for mixed use, commercial, and industrial uses; open space and park design; planting and irrigation design; and street tree plans and entry monument design.