Nov 9, 2020

Cory Thompson | Senior Crew Chief, Construction Staking

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FOCUS is excited to announce an important change to our Construction Staking department: Cory Thompson has been promoted to Senior Crew Chief. We applaud him for his hard work and preparation as he steps into this opportunity.

Cory Thompson is a big picture kind of guy. He had six years of blue staking experience when he joined the FOCUS in 2018. He’s also patient—starting as a rodman from the ground up. Cory has always been driven to keep his clients happy and keep survey data accurate.

In his new role, Cory is no longer only managing staking. “A Senior Crew Chief schedules where crews go, mitigates staking problems, and stake tight work that requires precision and accuracy. I manage a great team and work to help them hit their goals and get the training they need. When I was a budding technician, I was just worried about staking.”

Cory is also a team builder. He admits: “I like to give younger guys plenty of opportunities to learn. Sometimes this means allowing a younger tech to run the road. I think it’s worth the few extra minutes to build up the employee—which pays off in the future.”

FOCUS Engineering and Surveying clients benefit from staff’s 40 years of combined land survey experience. FOCUS surveyors often visit 2-10 sites in a day. Cory, who helps manage up to 150 jobs at any given time, shared one of the secrets of their success, “FOCUS has a unique approach to surveying which makes them an exceptional choice for those looking for surveyors. Most firms put clients out multiple days, even weeks. FOCUS offers a streamlined 24-hour window to meet clients’ needs, granting our clients more flexibility. Customer service is our focus,” Cory continued, “I love keeping our clients happy.”