Jul 17, 2023

Construction Staking: Where Design Meets Dirt

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There’s a certain excitement when owners, developers, architects, engineers, and designers see the first physical signs of their plans beginning to come to life. One of the first signals of construction starting to take place is staking, where design meets dirt.

Construction Staking Guides Construction Efforts

At FOCUS, the Construction Staking department is trusted to deliver accurate land surveying. This involves placing construction stakes and markers to correctly identify the placement of structures and utilities and successfully guide construction efforts.

Why is construction staking important? Cole Finan, Assistant Construction Staking Department Manager at FOCUS, says “No project is the same. Sometimes plans can look very similar on paper. But in the field, when the plans come to life, being able to accurately lay out and stake a project on the ground in the real world takes experience and skill.”

Construction Staking for Developments in Utah and Idaho

With a Construction Staking department of 12 people, and a total staff of 24 across all surveying departments, FOCUS offers a wealth of land surveying resources and experience. Construction staking is where the design meets dirt for single- and multi-family residential developments, commercial and industrial developments, roadways, utilities, curb, power lines, and building footings and foundations.

For example, a current project the team is completing is “The Orchard,” a multi-family development in Sandy, Utah. The 10-acre project includes 30 buildings with a total of 196 townhomes. The service is provided to layout construction for the entire community. Crews are currently staking improvements for the common areas, such as parks.

Construction Surveying After Construction

These services are also provided after construction is complete. “As-built” surveys are completed to verify the actual location of buildings and utilities once construction is finished. “We understand the importance of responsiveness on every phase of the project,” said Finan. He continued, “In particular, with post-construction surveys, construction bonds cannot be closed without as-built surveys. We strive to be exceptionally responsive because we understand this can mean thousands of dollars to our clients.”

In addition to responsiveness, attention to detail and quality control are also trademarks of FOCUS’ construction staking services. “The team we have is what creates our success and mindset. We have a solid group of managers who invest the time to help our people grow, and our clients see the results and the benefits,” said Finan.