Nov 28, 2022

Design Matters: Structural Engineering as Part of the Multi-Service Team

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The Benefits of Pairing FOCUS Structural Engineering with other FOCUS Services

At FOCUS, we believe a person is more than just a job title. So, it goes with engineering. Civil engineering is a broad field with many specialists, including talented structural, site civil and transportation engineers, as well as land planning, staking and survey professionals. And those at FOCUS all have one thing in common, they are problem solvers.

With over 70 years of combined structural engineering experience, the FOCUS Structural team offers unmatched planning and expertise for large residential clients, architects, and builders. Our clients frequently benefit from pairing our structural engineering team with other professional FOCUS services, particularly construction staking, site civil, land planning, and CAD services. Structural engineering is a key component of our clients’ successful commercial office buildings, single and multi-family homes, steel structures, concrete warehouses, and retaining walls.

Teamwork and collaboration are key to FOCUS’s approach to engineering, regardless of the type of project. “When it comes to structures, there is a critical point in every project that affects all others,” says Joel Whitmer, Structural Department Manager at FOCUS. “Structural engineers ensure foundations appropriately sized and positioned to support the weight of the structure. So, it’s important to choose a structural team who can get it right.” Joel continues, “Concrete is a great example. It has to be very precise. Without structural engineering, concrete may need to be removed, which could sink an otherwise viable project timeline or budget.” In short, structural engineering is there to make sure the contractor gets it right, the first time.

There are many benefits of pairing structural engineering with other services. The FOCUS structural engineering team offers unmatched client service. “We help our clients avoid errors between plan sets, reducing coordination time,” says Joel. “Our structural team coordinates regularly to make sure critical points across trades get placed correctly.” FOCUS engineers have a deep knowledge of industry codes and standards, which allows us to effectively communicate with our clients, improving efficiency and saving them money while delivering the desired outcome.

When pairing structural engineering services with staking, the FOCUS team has immediate access to structural plans while on site. No waiting for an email or phone call to be returned from a third party. According to Joel, pairing structural engineering services on the Daybreak Marina Townhomes project improved the outcome of the project. FOCUS site civil engineers designed the site, which was unique due to the number and tricky location of existing retaining walls. FOCUS structural worked seamlessly with its site planning and staking groups to get critical information into the design. Utilizing multiple in-house services, FOCUS, streamlined this important multi-phase project saving the client time and money.

FOCUS truly values and excels at teaming with our clients and other stakeholders to the greatest extent possible. “It’s incredibly satisfying to work through challenging projects with our clients,” says Joel. “When challenges arise, the FOCUS team answers the call. We aren’t just number crunchers who enjoy overengineering plans. We take time to ensure our clients’ projects are safe and well-designed. The structural team at FOCUS offers real, unique, creative solutions that keep our clients projects moving forward.”