Jul 11, 2022

Design Matters: What is Construction Staking?

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From The Ground Up

Construction Staking Services at FOCUS Engineering & Surveying

There are many critical steps of the building process that can easily slip under the radar. Construction staking is the best way to ensure construction work is performed accurately according to project specifications—from the ground up. Anytime you determine a boundary, you need a surveyor to certify things will be built where they should be.

FOCUS offers professional construction staking services including civil staking for utilities and roadways; vertical staking of houses and buildings; and settlement monitoring services on existing structures. We have over 17 construction staking professionals, which can be easily divided into 5–6 separate crews, based on project needs.

Construction staking begins long before any physical construction begins. “Construction staking is taking plans that we design digitally into the field in a practical way,” says Connor Llewelyn, Construction Staking Department Manager at FOCUS. “Surveying is taking information from field and putting them into plans. Surveying is first, then design, then construction staking.” 

 The construction staking team at FOCUS specializes in residential, multi-family, commercial, and as-built projects throughout Utah, Idaho, and neighboring states. The FOCUS team is the best in the business. You can count on them to provide the most responsive timeframes to have their crews on-site and staking.

FOCUS utilizes high-accuracy surveying to help project managers identify any potential problems with a project plan before building begins. Construction staking can accurately map anything and everything, on-site, where it will be built. On large commercial projects, our team will begin staking roadways first, followed by utilities, then curb and gutter elevations, then foundations.

Our construction staking team prioritizes efficiency. Every person on our team has access to all the tools they need to complete a specific project, including GPS base stations and robotic total stations. Connor has loved building a team full of individuals with a range of experience and backgrounds. “We all work well together with one objective “to build a better place.” Our crews set the standard for professionalism, passion, and pride in the services they provide.” And FOCUS clients benefit from their diligence, calm demeanor, and teamwork. You can reach our exceptional construction staking team at FOCUS anytime at 801-352-0075.