May 9, 2020

In Focus: Dovetta Flowers, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

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Whether you visit our office in person or call us on the phone, Dovetta Flowers is most likely the first FOCUS employee you meet and interact with.

While receptionist is part of her title, Dovetta really is our firm’s director of first impressions. And the way she lives and breathes this role is distinctive. Her jack-of-all-trades duties and familiarity with the many services the firm provides makes Dovetta a unifying link in our firm.

HR/Admin Department Manager Stacy Malone immediately recognized Dovetta’s genuine desire to know and understand the business as well as the firm’s core values when she joined the firm a year ago. “I appreciate her willingness to work and provide value to not only our clients, but also her coworkers,” shares Stacy. “Dovetta wears a lot of hats and is always eager to learn and do more.”

As she celebrates her one-year work anniversary, Dovetta has embraced the challenge of identifying how she can be the most helpful to internal and external clients. “I really enjoy speaking with clients and getting to know them better,” she explains. “Learning the business of FOCUS has really helped me to know what services we offer and who can best help answer client questions.”

When asked what he most appreciated about Dovetta, general manager Ron Paul pointed out how Dovetta always wants to do the right thing. “It sounds so simple, yet escapes so many people in their careers,” he reveals. “She definitely nails this and you can tell she has made it a part of her core personality. This is incredibly valuable to FOCUS as it should be to any employer.”

Coworkers are drawn to her positivity. “She’s a source of calm during these uncertain times,” describes Stacy. “Dovetta focuses on what she can do and not on the things she can’t.”

As the firm’s marketing coordinator Jeff Bennett looks for ways to build and strengthen relationships with key partners; he finds Dovetta’s passion for her job is unsurpassed. “Everything Dovetta does is done so well and with so much care and creativity. She is constantly sacrificing her time and talents to make sure we have what we need—and more.”

Known for sending coworkers a meaningful or encouraging daily email to help everyone have the right mindset for the day, it’s not hard to believe Dovetta when she says she loves her job and the people she works with. “It is very rewarding to see others be successful, overcome challenges to move forward, and rise to accept opportunities for growth,” she shares.

On National Receptionists’ Day it only seems fitting for us to send a meaningful and heartfelt message of thanks to Dovetta for making our firm a better place. You’re an important part of our team and we appreciate you.