Nov 8, 2017

FOCUS Welcomes Eric Winters, Project Manager

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Eric Winters has joined Focus Engineering & Surveying as a Project Manager. Eric draws on 20 years of Project Management experience in a wide range of project types, having completed over 10,000 units of multi-family housing and millions of square feet of office, commercial, retail projects. Eric knows that good design leads to a successful project. His professional expertise in site planning, building placement, drainage and utility design, along with his extensive knowledge of grading design software and attention to detail, make Eric an asset on any project.

A problem solver at heart, Eric listens to the goals and objectives of each client on every project. He caters to those needs, balancing them with review agency and regulatory requirements. Clients appreciate Eric’s approach to project difficulties: he works to understand the issue, identifies the most efficient and cost-effective solution, and sees it through to resolution.

Eric is a Utah native and a father of three. Outside of work, he maintains his high level of activity with his family: camping, golfing, snowboarding, riding bikes, and playing board games.