This type of survey is the most common type of survey requested. The purpose of this type of survey is to determine the overall boundary of a property and stake the corners. This type of survey is commonly used for fence construction, boundary resolutions & property corner staking. Per State Statute whenever a boundary is retraced a surveyor must file his survey with the appropriate county surveyor’s office.
This type of survey is generally requested when there is going to be some type of design on a property, whether it be a home addition, rock walls or something as large as a subdivision or commercial complex. This type of survey will map the contours and slopes of a site, as well as map any features that would be useful for the designer to know about such as ditches, utilities, and roadway improvements.
When someone wants to divide their property into two or more lots a subdivision plat is the instrument that is recorded to make that happen. Please note that there is a process with the controlling municipality that will need to be followed in order to record a subdivision plat.
When two neighbors wish to adjust the boundary between their properties the controlling municipality may allow them to submit for a lot line adjustment. A survey assists in drafting legal descriptions and creating exhibit maps for this process.
This is a type of survey that is generally requested by a lender or a title company. This may be needed as part of getting title insurance when purchasing or refinancing a property. When requesting this type of survey please let us know what optional requirements you desire to be completed as part of the survey. For more information on what an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey is, and for the list of standard and optional requirements associated with it please visit: