Dec 1, 2021

High Accuracy Monitoring Surveys

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Critical data on ground stability for Utah developers, owners, and municipalities

When land developers want to determine the viability of a potential development site or a municipality needs to investigate ground stability before development, they require concrete data that can be used to verify settlement or structural behavior. Our high-accuracy monitoring services ensure the safety and wellbeing of people whose lives or property are potentially impacted by construction projects.

Whether for houses or buildings or roadways, maintaining safe and ideal conditions during development is critical. This is true from project onset and throughout and after construction, as the materials settle and adapt to external conditions. By monitoring an object’s movement over time, we can measure and report on the movement of a structure or earthen formation to ensure public safety and asset protection.

What is High Accuracy Monitoring?

The monitoring FOCUS provides requires a high level of attention to detail to ensure precision, accuracy, and quality. Christian Uahinui, a lead in our construction staking department, currently monitors five sites to verify settlement or structural behavior. “During set up, we work closely with a client to determine the site conditions and type of monitoring system best suited for their needs,” he describes. “We identify critical areas of concern and place monitoring stations in these areas.” Any movement (or lack thereof) provides data, so FOCUS crews look for safe, stable, and accessible locations that are sufficiently out of the way to eliminate possible harm to clients or passersby. FOCUS crews also consider on-site power and connectivity for reliable data collection.

How Long does Monitoring Take?

The length of monitoring can vary from project to project. For house foundations, FOCUS typically monitors and collects data once a month for six months. For large buildings within or neighboring an active construction site, monitoring could span the entirety of the development. During a site visit it can take Christian and his survey crew anywhere from one to eight hours to collect accurate and precise data.

How the Data is Used

The data FOCUS provides to a client can be used to make decisions about slowing or halting a project. Our professionally licensed surveyors quickly and efficiently verify the data to facilitate proper analysis. “The high frequency of quality communication keeps our work transparent and is vital to maintaining integrity to both our clients and our work,” explains Christian.
A monitoring system can play a significant role in controlling costs by reducing the possibility that construction will adversely impact neighboring people and facilities. Still, the time needed to collect data and address potential problems can be costly when work stops on a job site. That’s why FOCUS works hard to provide efficient and thorough service to keep projects moving. “We are extremely passionate about our clients’ success,” Christian shares. “Using the right tools and skills, we work hard to reduce risk and improve results.”

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