Sep 20, 2023

Mastering High-Density Single-Family Housing

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Mastering High-Density Single-Family Housing

Let’s dive into the world of high-density single-family projects. In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of these projects and how FOCUS tackles unique challenges, ensuring success for clients.

High-density single-family projects are transforming the housing landscape by offering the density of multifamily developments while providing the coveted single-family living experience. This innovative approach allows developers to offer more affordable starter homes, addressing the affordability crisis in the real estate market.

Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis

High-density single-family projects play a vital role in addressing the ongoing affordability crisis, not just in Utah but across the nation. High-density single-family projects strike a balance between density and single-family living. These projects aim to provide homeowners with single-family residences at a more affordable price than traditional single-family homes. This approach is especially valuable in addressing housing affordability concerns.

Integrating Sustainability

Modern development must consider sustainability and environmental impact. FOCUS integrates Low Impact Development (LID) storm drain design to manage stormwater and improve water quality. They strike a balance between sustainability and cost-effectiveness to maintain affordability.

Navigating Unique Challenges

High-density single-family projects come with their own set of challenges. FOCUS approaches these challenges strategically:

Site Grading:

Properly grading high-density, single-family projects is complex, as homes are closely spaced on smaller lots, particularly on steep terrain. FOCUS employs its Home Construction Grading process to ensure seamless site grading, minimizing discrepancies between development and construction teams.

Storm Drain Design:

Increased density necessitates handling higher volumes of stormwater in limited spaces. FOCUS employs creative storm drain solutions to maximize efficiency and affordability.

Utility Design:

Projects with private roads or alleys require meticulous utility planning. FOCUS coordinates with utility companies to ensure efficient utility placement through effective communication.

Early Development Feasibility

The feasibility assessment encompasses several key aspects:

Site Topography:

The site’s steepness is critical in determining whether a high-density product is viable. This evaluation also considers whether retaining walls will be necessary to facilitate the project.

Utility Infrastructure:

The availability and suitability of utilities are pivotal in determining the feasibility of the proposed product. Ensuring that the site can be adequately serviced through existing utilities is crucial.

Regulatory Approval:

During the early development stage, obtaining approval from regulatory agencies is a significant challenge. This involves assessing whether the site is appropriately zoned for the intended product type and, if necessary, evaluating the feasibility of pursuing a rezoning. Additionally, understanding the stance of reviewing agencies on rezoning requests is a key consideration in the feasibility assessment.

Effective Collaboration for Success

Effective communication with architects and home builders is paramount in the context of such projects. It ensures a clear understanding of the intended product type for the lots. Additionally, the civil design of the development must align seamlessly with the constructability of the specified floorplans or product types. Furthermore, successful collaboration with local authorities and regulatory bodies is imperative to ensure that the project adheres to all necessary codes and regulations mandated by the local authorities.

Notable Projects and Services

FOCUS has several noteworthy projects that showcase the team’s expertise and commitment to success. These projects exemplify the team’s ability to adapt to various challenges, whether it’s optimizing space, managing stormwater creatively, or providing comprehensive services.

Holbrook Place Phase 5

One such project that stands out is Holbrook Place, Phase 5. Here, the challenge was to develop cluster single-family homes, a concept that optimizes space and community living. FOCUS played a pivotal role by providing comprehensive site civil engineering and surveying services. This ensured that every aspect of the project, from grading to utility design, was meticulously planned and executed, resulting in a thriving residential cluster.

Holbrook Farms

At Holbrook Farms Plat C, the team faced the task of designing rear-loaded single-family cottage lots. This required a keen understanding of space utilization and efficient layout planning. FOCUS once again rose to the occasion, offering their site civil engineering and surveying expertise. Their careful attention to detail ensured every inch of the development was utilized effectively, creating a harmonious community of cottage-style homes.

Parkview Cottages

Parkview Cottages presented a unique challenge in terms of stormwater management. The project demanded creative storm drain solutions to make it feasible. FOCUS stepped up to the challenge, applying innovative techniques to tackle stormwater runoff effectively. This creative approach resolved the problem and contributed to the project’s overall success.

Highlands Landing

Currently, FOCUS is actively engaged in the Highlands Landing residential project in West Jordan. This endeavor involves cluster single-family products, a concept gaining popularity for efficient land use. FOCUS is providing full-service support, ensuring that every aspect of the project, from feasibility studies to utility design, aligns with the vision of creating a vibrant and sustainable residential community.

Ultimately, high-density single-family projects represent a transformative approach to housing, offering the density of multifamily developments while maintaining the appeal of single-family living. FOCUS’s dedication to addressing unique challenges, providing insightful feasibility assessments, and their commitment to effective collaboration are evident in current and past projects. FOCUS stands as champions of innovation, bringing accessible, sustainable, and high-quality housing solutions to their clients.