Sep 23, 2021

In FOCUS: Ben Duzett, Project Manager, Asst Dept Manager | Civil Residential Development

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Ben Duzett was aiming for a civil engineering career since he was thirteen, and he joined FOCUS as an intern by his freshman year at university. We were lucky enough to keep him full-time after graduation. From there, he has moved up to his position of Site Civil Assistant Department Manager for Residential Development.

“I love being part of something that will last beyond just what I do on a daily basis,” he expressed. “We are able to engineer communities that will become a major part of the greater communities and cities in which we work. We are part of building a better place, which is extremely fulfilling.”

The Residential Development team communicates directly with FOCUS’s Land Planning, Surveying, and Construction Staking departments to achieve their work, tackling a wide variety of projects. According to Ben, communication is the team’s most valuable tool. “We are always striving to improve our communication skills so that we can become greater consultants to our clients,” he said.

Understanding earthworks and grading of single-family developments are specialties that make his team more efficient for their clients. “Here at FOCUS, we are continually refining our techniques,” he explained. “We have seen great savings for our clients on moving dirt on the back end of projects.”

Another of his team’s priorities is customer service, and he rightfully believes they excel at it. “We will do everything we can to ensure the client has a successful project,” he said, expressing how thorough they are throughout the entire process. “We strive for our clients to feel that we are their teammates in creating great projects.”

For Ben, earthworks and realignment complexities are what make engineering challenging and enjoyable. The Hidden Oaks Master Planned Community has been one of the most inspiring projects he’s worked on to date. “We have resolved many issues that these complexities have created,” he said. “This has made the project very fun and interesting.”

With all of his values and drive to provide the best services, he’s a fit we’re thankful for. “FOCUS is a merit-based company,” he pointed out, “which allows great opportunities to be earned by those that put in the effort.” And he has.