Feb 6, 2021

In Focus: Brad Mason, EIT, Structural Department

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Project Manager Brad Mason started with FOCUS Engineering & Surveying as an intern in the Structural Department more than five years ago and has been here ever since. He worked his way up the ranks after first gaining experience in engineering larger, custom homes. It was through this work that he was able to develop respectable relationships with clients in the private market sector, which ultimately led him to his current management position.

Brad typically works on custom homes, projects that require a significant amount of builder and architect interaction to reach reasonable detailing solutions. Brad’s most challenging project to date was the Mirsky Residence, a large home in the Heber area that was framed entirely on site. During this process, there were high snow loads that created numerous unique engineering design challenges. Staying organized and providing details and framing that could easily and quickly be understood—despite the complexity—was critical. To accommodate the changing site conditions, Brad frequently communicated with the builders and framers. Together, they found solutions that ensured engineering requirements were upheld while also maintaining the home’s intended design.

When the designer/homeowner for this property desired to have exposed timber rafters on eaves, Brad got innovative. With high snow loads, the framing on the home’s interior did not line up perfectly with the exposed rafters that were part of the architectural design. To help the homeowner’s vision come to life, Brad communicated adjustments and framing to the framers, resulting in a structurally sound and impressive result.

While Brad enjoys professional success through his work, he also appreciates his department and FOCUS in general, as the company does an exceptional job with internal collaboration to promptly respond to clients’ needs. Brad shares, “Whether it be during the design phase or field issues, we want to make sure high levels of communication take place, so we work together to determine the best solution for everyone involved. We also bend over backwards to make sure designers and builders are taken care of.” It is this solidarity that Brad says he enjoys most about his job.

He also appreciates being a part of a team that gets to create sophisticated and unique homes that make homeowners’ dreams become a reality. “As an engineer, I specifically enjoy the challenge of finding unique solutions for difficult architectural designs,” Brad reflects. “I believe the best teams consist of consultants like FOCUS who work together to provide a product within current standards that pleases the homeowner.

In reflecting on the bigger picture, Brad feels the engineering industry has been on a constant acceleration for the past five years and suspects the next five years will be much of the same. He looks forward to consultants finding even more innovative ways to produce and build quality products in shorter timelines to meet current demands. Brad ventures, “I think there will be some cool building innovations in the next five years; one being the industry standard moving more into 3D modeling, even for smaller projects. It seems to be a service that customers feel is a good investment, and builders appreciate it because it minimizes mistakes that can become costly.”

Brad is thrilled to be part of the FOCUS team that will continue to grow into more geographic markets. “FOCUS has a lot to offer in terms of helping clients become successful and improves the industry by offering high levels of communication and care, no matter the project,” Brad says.

With Brad and the FOCUS team on any project, clients can be assured they will receive sound engineering well into the future.