Feb 7, 2022

In FOCUS: Gabriela Maldonado, Project Engineer | Structural

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Gabriela Maldonado came to FOCUS for growth opportunities as a young professional, and was drawn in by the firm’s culture of constant development within teams and in expertise.

“I am very motivated to progress in my career and innovate within my industry,” she said. With her people-oriented personality, she has been the perfect fit for the structural department, which relies upon client communication and coordination.

“There are two things I love: talking to people and math. Civil Engineering seemed to offer a nice blend of the two,” she shared. Coordinating with clients to ensure success is what Gabriela enjoys best about her job, and it tracks with her reasons for pursuing a profession in this industry.

To her, what sets the structural department apart from the competition is “the amount of time put into improving soft skills and the fact that goal-setting is a top priority for the team.” She added, “We are great at customer service,” which is the cherry on top in a job where she feels that her projects are fun and interesting.

We are grateful to have such an improvement-motivated member in our FOCUS team, especially one with such a talent for client communication. Gabriela works closely with our CAD Services team and external clients and vendors such as Big-D, C.W. Urban, and Salt West Studio.

Her laser focus and social aplomb make her invaluable, and we look forward to seeing and facilitating her professional growth in the months and years to come.