Dec 16, 2022

In FOCUS: Jamie Esjay | CAD Services

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A graduate of the University of Utah with a degree in Architecture, Jamie Esjay joined the FOCUS CAD  Services team shortly after finishing a summer internship. She cut her teeth creating site grading and drainage plans and has now transitioned to architectural design.

Jamie loves the critical thinking and problem solving that goes with the job and watching a client’s design come to life. She primarily works on residential home projects and is currently working with CAD Services Department Manager Jason Barker on a large home. “This massive residence has challenged my technical skills and attention to detail,” she shares. “Jason has provided me with opportunities to explore and participate in small adjustments and design elements. I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it’s constructed!”

Proficient in a variety of CAD software, she especially enjoys bringing a project to life using Chief Architect, a 3D architectural software. “I appreciate how it helps us to create plans with accuracy and detail,” says Jamie.

In addition to drafting tools, Jamie also appreciates the creativity that comes through teamwork. She respects the willingness of coworkers to share time helping her grow in knowledge and experience. Coworkers like Christian Broberg have not only shared their knowledge of details, but also a deep commitment to client success and customer service. “We always make sure our clients know they come first and we are passionate about their success. We do that by going the extra mile and taking extreme ownership of our projects.”