Aug 12, 2020

In Focus: Joel Whitmer, Structural Assistant Department Manager

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Since joining Focus Engineering in 2016 as a structural project engineer, Joel Whitmer has welcomed every opportunity given him. Initially he was assigned townhome and re-use projects. It wasn’t long before he was creating systems to be more efficient and improve the work.

Earlier this year Joel was promoted to Structural Assistant Department Manager. He oversees the department’s residential projects and works closely with FOCUS civil engineering and construction staking departments. He and other department members have created structural spreadsheets for analysis and design to run the necessary calculations for their work. These user-friendly tools improve productivity when running calculations for the wood-framed custom homes and small commercial steel buildings Joel regularly works on.

Whether challenging site conditions or a tight project schedule, Joel loves finding structural design solutions for complex projects like the steep topography and difficult soil conditions of The Discovery Ridge. Located in Summit Park, the development integrates town, twin, and single-family homes within the development. Joel developed efficient, constructible designs for four townhome buildings on schedule.

In addition to engineering tasks, he also enjoys client relations. “I enjoy getting to know clients and work together to solve problems they face,” Joel shares. “As my career has progressed, I’ve loved learning the strategy involved in business development and helping and keeping clients happy.”

A goal setter, Joel continually looks to improve his professional knowledge, skills, and work practices. He seeks guidance and feedback from his coworkers. “My fellow engineers have been vital in my growth and I wouldn’t be where I am without their mentoring and training.”