Oct 19, 2020

In Focus: Natalie Perez, CAD Designer

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For Natalie Perez, engineering architecture intrigued her early on with its intricacy, creative challenges, and concrete results. She initially fell in love with the technical aspects of the craft back in a high school drafting class. From there, she pursued the occupation through a degree and a small-firm job in Park City building decks.

Valuing the challenge of architectural projects led her to seek out FOCUS after a time, wanting to apply herself to bigger projects and greater creative applications. “I like that I get opportunities to be creative,” she says. “Nothing feels better than working with a client to figure out what plan layout works best for them.”

On top of opportunities for creativity and problem-solving, Natalie enjoys being on the FOCUS team, where each member supports, encourages, and pushes the others toward growth and new solutions. “Being surrounded by a group of people who are passionate about their work and the company mission gives me motivation to do the same and work just as hard,” she says. “That mentality allows us to do everything we tackle with enthusiasm and competency.”

We are grateful for what Natalie has added to our company. She has worked hard with our structural department on multiple projects as well as continued to develop a system for our Hallmark Homes plans, streamlining our process for accuracy and efficiency.

“I really appreciate how much this company has pushed me,” she says. And we appreciate her even more for all that she has brought to FOCUS.