Oct 26, 2020

In Focus: Spencer Llewelyn, PLS, Surveying Department Manager

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Spencer Llewelyn started his career the way most field surveyors do, out in the dirt pounding stakes—but that didn’t last long. After joining the FOCUS Engineering and Surveying team (FOCUS) in 2010, he quickly advanced to crew chief. He recalls one project as crew chief, spending a month working at a salt plant west of Ogden. “The tolerances were very tight with the type of steel structures being built, so our work as surveyors had to be critically accurate. I enjoyed working closely with the contractor and seeing the site progress every day.” FOCUS’s detail-oriented, on-site approach—accurately measuring tolerances—ensured the success of the salt plant project.

In addition to being a licensed Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and an experienced survey draftsman, Spencer earned his Geomatics degree in 2014. Geomatics is the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information or spatially referenced information. Using drone-mapping technology in land surveying has improved productivity and accuracy in a dramatic way. Spencer is grateful to be working in a time when surveying tools are advancing at a tremendous rate. “Drone-mapping services help our engineers create an accurate picture of existing site conditions, in real-time, for our clients,” he explains. This detail allows FOCUS Engineers to design and produce the best plans possible for time-sensitive projects.

In the next five years, Spencer tells us we can expect great things in the field of surveying. “We are going to see a new State Plane Coordinate System and changes to satellite signals. This will help make large-scale surveying easier and improve data coordination with cities and municipalities.”

FOCUS clients benefit from staff’s combined 40 years of ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey experience. When buying a commercial property an American Land Title Association (ALTA) Certified, boundary, or topographic survey may be required by the lender or title company to complete the transaction. An experienced surveyor will produce an accurate depiction of the property to those involved in the transaction, and carefully record related parties in the surveyor’s certification, to get clients’ projects off the ground. Spencer has led a successful surveying team at FOCUS since 2017 and enjoys serving clients every day. He states, “I enjoy being able to see our surveying projects completed and new communities form. FOCUS has the best clients!”

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