Jan 26, 2022

Justin Lundberg Earns PLS License

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Justin Lundberg truly embraces the FOCUS mission to ensure our clients are happy. When Justin recognized becoming a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) would help our clients hit their deadlines, he stepped up to the plate.

Because of the skill and complexity involved with land surveying, becoming an accredited professional while working full-time required sacrifice and compromise. For Justin this meant balancing family, work, and school. “Working full time and going to school at night was not easy on my wife and kids,” he shares. “Being able to balance my time between all three was a difficult challenge but one I overcame.”

What’s next for Justin? He’s ready to contribute more to the success and happiness of our clients by providing reliable, accurate data to meet every possible land usage need.

To learn more about our surveying services, contact us at 801.352.0072 or email@focusutah.com.