Mar 7, 2024

Kiln Provo Wins Annual Award

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Celebrating Excellence: Kiln Provo’s Achievement

Kiln Provo, which FOCUS worked on as Structural Engineer, has won the “Most Outstanding Private Project Under $10 Million” award from Utah Construction & Design Magazine (UC&D).

Project Overview: A Testament to Collaboration

Opened in September of last year, this project was a proud feat of architectural and structural collaboration. Its design featured an exposed structural aesthetic throughout, requiring close coordination between teams to ensure all results met the desired expectations. The work required close observation and specific detailing to pull off.

“As the structural engineer on the Kiln Provo project, we had the privilege of navigating the complex interplay between aesthetic vision and structural integrity,” notes Adam Eastman, production manager over the FOCUS Structural Engineering department. “This project was not just about constructing a building; it was about creating a space that embodies innovation and flexibility.”

Navigating Challenges: Engineering Innovation

At two stories and 38,500 SF, Kiln Provo is a groundbreaking coworking project. It is the first flex-office space to be designed and built from scratch. FOCUS structural engineers skillfully accommodated the architect’s distinctive vision for an open design. We incorporated 13-foot high perimeter windows and 17-foot ceilings to highlight the structure, all achieved within the allocated budget.

In order to achieve this, we value-engineered every facet and communicated when certain design elements would compromise cost with little payout. We provided multiple design options to reach inspired results. The client and architect, Mint Architecture, lauded the beautiful success of this collaboration.

The Culmination: A Space of Versatility and Design

The final structure of Kiln Provo is a versatile workspace that caters to a variety of needs. It offers everything from conventional conference rooms to unique theatrical spaces. The design maximizes natural light, which cascades through the expansive windows. This daylighting beautifully highlights the intricate web of structural elements, HVAC systems, and electrical fixtures. This harmonious integration of design and functionality not only serves the practical needs of its occupants but also stands as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail that characterized this project.

“The recognition of Kiln Provo by Utah Construction & Design Magazine as the ‘Most Outstanding Private Project Under $10 Million’ is a testament to the collaborative spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence by the entire team,” says Adam. “We are honored to have contributed to a project that sets a new benchmark for architectural and engineering collaboration.” This accolade reinforces FOCUS Engineering & Surveying’s commitment to excellence in engineering and our dedication to bringing visionary projects to life.

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