Mar 27, 2024

Landscape Design: Concept to Reality

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Growing a Concept into Reality: Landscape Design Services

At FOCUS Engineering and Surveying, we believe that every landscape tells a story. With our comprehensive landscape design services, we specialize in turning visions into vibrant, thriving realities. From initial concept to the final built environment, our 6-person team at FOCUS boasts landscape architects, planners, and designers. They are all dedicated to creating landscapes for our clients that inspire, enrich, and endure.

Conceptualizing Landscape Design Possibilities

It all begins with a vision—a dream of lush gardens, serene water features, and inviting outdoor spaces. The possibilities are endless. Our landscape design process starts with a thorough understanding of our clients’ aspirations, preferences, and practical needs.

Concepts typically begin with a bubble diagram to identify and allocate both needs and wants on a particular site. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and detailed consultations, we work closely with our clients to conceptualize their ideal outdoor environment. Whether it’s a community park or a sustainable urban plaza, we strive to capture the essence of our clients’ desires and translate them into conceptual designs that excite and inspire.

Landscape Design Development

With the foundation laid, our team takes the conceptual designs to the next level. For our work, we draw upon our expertise in landscape architecture, horticulture, and civil engineering. We carefully craft detailed site plans, renderings, and 3D visualizations that bring the vision to life. From selecting the perfect plant species to optimizing spatial layouts and circulation patterns, every aspect of the design is thoughtfully considered to ensure functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

A Seamless, One-Stop Shop for Landscape, Irrigation, and Civil Site Plans

As the design takes shape, our focus shifts to the practicalities of construction. Our team prepares comprehensive construction documentation to guide contractors and ensure precise execution of the design intent. These include detailed plans, specifications, and material schedules. By providing clear and thorough documentation, we streamline the construction process, minimize errors and delays, and maintain quality control from start to finish.

“Clients have really enjoyed the benefits and efficiencies of having landscape and civil plans developed jointly with our in-house resources at FOCUS,” said Bryan Wilson, Landscape Designer/Project Manager. “From surveying and civil engineering to landscape planning and architecture our teams work seamlessly to make it all come together in a consistent vision,” continued Wilson.

Construction Oversight for Landscape Installation

Throughout the construction phase, our dedicated team of professionals involves themselves actively by providing oversight, guidance, and support. They ensure that the design vision is realized, and the owner is represented. From site visits and progress meetings to quality inspections and contractor coordination, we commit to the highest standards of final irrigation system and landscape construction delivery. Recent notable projects include the rooftop pool decks and courtyards for the Mill Race Apartments in Provo, Utah, and Holbrook Park, a 33-acre park in Lehi, Utah near Thanksgiving Point.

“Every open space is a new canvas and opportunity to provide something unique that benefits the whole community,” said Wilson. At FOCUS, as the final touches are applied and the landscape for each project comes to life, we take pride in seeing our clients’ dreams become a vibrant reality. Learn more about our landscape division here.