Jun 17, 2019

In Focus: Seth Vance | Landscape Planning Assistant Department Manager

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Seth Vance has always enjoyed iterative, creative, and artistic processes, he just wasn’t sure what direction they would take him. “Some family friends I knew when I was younger were successful landscape architects, which is how I learned of this field,” he states. “Since I’ve always enjoyed sketching and being creative, it felt like a natural fit.”

While creativity is certainly a springboard for success in this field, Seth believes two necessary skills to be a successful landscape architect are “attention to detail and the ability to visualize an idea in your head and then explain it to a client.” The ability to design and sell a vision of a project that will create value for the client is crucial.

Seth is a member of the three-man landscape architecture and planning team, and the workload runs between 10-15 projects each week. They make sure not to let the hustle get in the way of their quality workmanship. “Our customer service really sets us apart,” says Seth. “It starts with appreciating our clients and carrying that positive attitude forward to make sure our clients are happy with the services we provide. We’re committed to making their projects successful and are passionate about providing them with the best product.”

One of his favorite projects is the Holbrook Farm park development in Lehi, situated on 32 acres. “It is a large park and there is a lot of space to provide amenities and features, which also made it challenging,” he recalls. “There were so many different ways to design it; we had to be confident that it would benefit the community.”

Whether sketching design ideas, researching plant material, or submitting plans to city workers, you can always find Seth at work doing what he loves.