Apr 10, 2024

Meet Emily Aase, Landscape Architecture

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Designing for the Future: Art and Sustainability with Emily Aase

Emily Aase, Land Planning Intern in FOCUS’s Landscape Architecture team, fell into the field when pursuing a degree in art. She discovered a love of plants and the benefits of biophilic design, and that turned her toward Landscape Architecture as a graduate degree at USU. “[It] seemed to be at the perfect intersection between my love of art, plants, and my desire to help make a difference,” Emily says.

Engineering in the Community

That desire to make a difference has led Emily to join the student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) at USU, as well as participate in the 2023 Intermountain Sustainability Summit (ISS) in Ogden, Utah.

With ASLA, she is able to explore a variety of opportunities and resources. “It’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to participate with fellow Landscape Architecture students, to take part in events such as the National and State ASLA Conferences, and to rub shoulders with some of the best professionals in the industry,” she says. She looks forward to participating in the state’s chapter of ASLA after graduation.

At the ISS, Emily was accepted to participate in the student poster contest, presenting a research project on flood prevention through stream restoration. She was able to share her work and offer possible solutions to problems that Utah might face. “It’s always exciting to be surrounded by people who are also striving to make Utah a better, more sustainable place to live,” she shares.

A Passion for Sustainability

Her participating in the ISS is one part of her passion for sustainability. “I think that Utah is at a really exciting crossroads right now,” she says. “With issues like the threats facing the Great Salt Lake and the housing crisis, it’s becoming clear that there needs to be a shift in the way Utahns view our resources and how we design our cities.” Mindful engineering is more important than ever as we aspire to bring the state in a new, more sustainable direction. “I want to be part of the solution at Utah moves into the future,” she concludes.

Inspiration and Artfulness

One of Emily’s favorite landscapes are Japanese Zen gardens. “I think the way they are designed so meticulously and artfully while still feeling organic and natural is amazing,” she expresses. She was able to visit Japan this year with USU LAEP Travel Course. She considers herself very fortunate to have the opportunity to see some of these gardens in person.

Outside Land Planning

When she’s not working on land plans, Emily unwinds and recharges by cooking and baking. Many of her weekends are spent trying out new recipes. She also worked as a florist in the past and enjoys working with flowers when she has the opportunity.

One fun fact about her is that, at least the last time she checked, she can ride a pogo stick. She is currently learning how to longboard.