Building Bridges: Meet Jeff Bennett and the Focus Marketing Team

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His path into marketing for the A/E/C industry may not have been straightforward, but it doesn’t stop Focus Engineering & Surveying Marketing Coordinator Jeff Bennett from thriving in the field.


“My education is in emergency management and my career path before this was in software,” Jeff notes. But a career change put him on his current path. “Focus needed someone full-time in marketing, and I had a bit of background in marketing and business development so the fit was seamless.”


He enjoys the difference between marketing in A/E/C versus other types of marketing. “I love the creativity,” he says, mentioning it’s less about social media and traditional advertising methods and more about strengthening relationships with key partners. “Every day I have to find creative ways to help others around me build and strengthen their relationships with clients, contractors, city engineers, and prospects.”


And that prioritization is where Jeff and the Focus team excel. “We recently had a client who was remodeling their own home and on a tight deadline. A group of Focus employees took a few hours to volunteer their time to help with the demolition,” says Jeff. “It’s that passion that I think defines the Focus culture and keeps our clients coming back to trust us with their projects.”


Recognizing that business is about much more than short-term gains, but long-term relationships will help both Jeff and the Focus team for years to come.