Oct 6, 2023

Meet Szymon Zeliszczak , Transportation Intern

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Szymon Zeliszczak, currently an intern in FOCUS’s Transportation Department, is studying engineering at the University of Utah. Previously at the University of Illinois, finding an internship posed a challenge due to the industry’s demand for at least a year of engineering experience.

At FOCUS, however, aspiring engineers like Szymon are highly valued. “At FOCUS, experience and engineering abilities are not the only factors considered when looking for interns. They seek to help new students grow and learn,” says Zeliszczak.

Engineering Inspirations

Recommended by his teachers and fueled by his love for problem-solving, Szymon chose to walk the path of engineering. A fondness for the outdoors and an understanding of an engineer’s role in combating climate change were compelling factors.

Szymon remarks, “A significant factor that led me to choose engineering is my love for the outdoors.” He adds, “Due to our human behavior, we may not have access to outdoor activities forever. This led me to become an engineer to help solve this problem.”

Szymon envisions contributing to solving the global climate crisis by targeting transportation emissions. He aims to apply transportation engineering knowledge to foster sustainable design of roads and transportation infrastructure.

Szymon shares, “I can definitely see the industry evolving more towards sustainability. This is something I’m passionate about and want to be a part of.”

FOCUS Experience

At FOCUS, Szymon is supported in his environmental ambitions, getting the opportunity to work on actual projects. “All interns at FOCUS are encouraged to work on real projects and gain hands-on experience,” he shares.

Szymon appreciates the mentorship and friendly work environment at FOCUS. He proudly recounts growth in his AutoCAD skills and project completions. FOCUS also organizes events to nurture employee-client relationships and show appreciation, a strategy Szymon applauds.

Life Beyond Work

For Szymon, working at FOCUS doesn’t always feel like a job. His strategy for work-life balance involves maintaining a positive mindset in the workplace. Outside of work, Szymon unwinds with outdoor activities and is excited about skiing with his new skis, this winter.

In a surprising revelation, Szymon shares, “Most people wouldn’t know that I am an avid violinist! I am in the orchestra at the University of Utah, and I love to play my instrument.”