Apr 26, 2024

Meet Tre Davis, Transportation Engineering

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From Sketches to Solutions: The Path to Engineering

Tre Davis, an intern in the FOCUS Transportation Department, has had a passion for drawing and designing cityscapes since he was young. It was high school when he was first introduced to the concept of making his drawings a reality through civil engineering. He “did not take a lot of convincing” to pursue engineering, he says.

As he learned more about engineering, Tre realized he wanted to find a discipline that would give him work both in and outside the office. He shares, “Transportation engineering gives me the opportunity to work in the office designing roadways and out of office visiting sites and determining traffic counts.”

Education and Mentorship: Building a Foundation for Success

Tre is currently studying at Utah Valley University. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter there. At FOCUS, he is mentored by Jason Watson. “He has always kept his door open to me to pick his brain and ask him questions,” he says of Jason.

Vision for the Future: Beyond the Roads

Looking ahead, Tre sees a vast horizon for transportation engineering. As communities grow, so does the need for innovative transportation solutions, from expanded public transit systems to high-capacity roadways. His ambition is to bring global best practices to Utah, drawing inspiration from world-class systems like London’s public transportation network. For Tre, the goal is clear: to design systems that make travel easier and cities more connected.

Life Beyond Engineering

Outside of work, Tre enjoys going to college football games and Grizzles hockey games. He also enjoys trying new restaurants with his wife. As a fun fact, he used to be an offensive and defensive line coach at Highland High School. “I had a lot of fun waking up early and working with all the young men,” he shares.

In Tre Davis, FOCUS Engineering & Surveying sees not just an intern, but a future leader in transportation engineering. His journey from passionate sketches to impactful projects encapsulates our mission to foster talent and innovate for a better tomorrow.