Jan 25, 2024

Meet Wade Edwards, Site Civil | Commercial

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Designing for Community: The Impactful Journey of Wade Edwards

Wade Edwards’ journey into the world of civil engineering began in the most personal of settings—working on a home addition. This early exposure to design and construction blossomed into a fulfilling career in site civil commercial engineering. “I grew up working on our home addition. This instilled a desire to design and build things,” Wade recalls. His college years solidified this interest, leading him to a profession where he could put his passion into practice.

One of Wade’s most memorable projects is a townhome subdivision, which now houses a family member. This project holds a special place in his heart, highlighting his contribution to creating better communities. “This experience really hit home that I can design a better place for my community and make an impact in people’s lives,” he reflects.

Work-Life Balance

In a demanding field like engineering, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial. Wade approaches this challenge with a focus on prioritizing the most important tasks and events. “It’s crucial that you are doing and focusing on the most important tasks and not let little things become big hurdles,” he advises. To unwind, Wade turns to reading fantasy and science-fiction novels. He also enjoys strategy games like Splendor with his family and friends.

Inspirations and Role Models

Throughout his career, Wade has drawn inspiration from mentors, particularly valuing their advice on the importance of constant communication. “The most influential advice from mentors is the need for constant communication throughout a project and life in general,” he emphasizes. This philosophy has been instrumental in his professional development, helping him navigate the complexities of engineering projects.

Challenges and Achievements

Every career has its challenges, and Wade’s has been no exception. From home projects to large-scale developments, he has faced various obstacles. However, it’s his approach to these challenges that truly sets him apart. “I have found it is how you deal with these challenges that will set you apart from others,” Wade states, highlighting his problem-solving skills and positive attitude.

Community Involvement

Wade’s commitment to the community extends beyond his professional role. He volunteers to lead a group of 7–8 boys, often engaging them in STEM-related activities. This not only reflects his passion for his field but also his dedication to mentorship and community.

Future Goals and Vision

Looking to the future, Wade has set an ambitious goal for himself: to complete a project in every town and city in Utah. He is also keen on being part of the evolving industry, particularly in using innovative and economical designs. “Innovation constantly redefines construction methods. My aim is for each project to embrace this innovation, coupling it with cost-effective approaches to enhance our community’s landscape,” he shares.

From Skyscrapers to Pokémon: A Diverse Range of Interests

Wade’s favorite architectural masterpiece is the Home Insurance Building in Chicago, known for being the first steel-framed building and a pioneer in skyscraper design. On a lighter note, he shares a fun fact: “To this day I still enjoy playing the Pokémon games I grew up playing as a child.” This blend of professional admiration and personal hobbies offers a glimpse into the multifaceted nature of his personality.

Wade Edwards’ story is a testament to the impact one can have on their community through dedication, innovation, and a passion for building and design. At FOCUS Engineering & Surveying, his contributions are not just about the projects he works on but also about the positive influence he has on those around him.