Jul 26, 2023

Meet Wes Prime, Construction Staking

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Meet Wes Prime, Construction Staking Crew Chief. With over two and a half years of experience at FOCUS, Wes has proven himself an invaluable asset to the team.

Construction Staking Responsibilities

As the point person for organizing and scheduling field crews, Wes effectively coordinates with them to ensure the specific requirements of each client are met during the construction process. Collaborating closely with his team and the crews, Wes plays a vital role in translating design plans into successful projects by placing crucial vertical and horizontal information on stakes in the field.

Within these responsibilities, Wes actively seeks training and guidance from his manager, enabling him to contribute to FOCUS’s culture of personal and professional growth. This not only enhances his own skills but also fosters a seamless collaboration with coworkers and clients. Wes emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system within the work culture, stating, “Having a solid foundation to rely on has helped my team and me overcome challenges and provide exceptional client care, regardless of the obstacles.”

Career Growth and Leadership Opportunities

“The fast-paced career progression and well-defined growth pathways initially attracted me,” Wes explains. The opportunity to develop personally and help others overcome personal challenges is immensely rewarding to him. Wes maintains his motivation by recognizing the vast potential for growth that surrounds him. He acknowledges the infinite opportunities available to learn from mentors and develop his professional career within FOCUS. This realization fuels his drive to excel in his work.

Passion for Others’ Success and Development

Wes values the strong rapport established with his team and clients through their collective work. He shares a memorable experience of working late into the night with several crews, all dedicated to accomplishing a task without any complaints. He appreciates the unity and resilience of his team, even in challenging situations.

The opportunity to work closely with clients and contribute to their happiness and success is a driving force behind his dedication. “I find fulfillment in building relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and guiding their projects towards success,” Wes affirms.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, Wes believes in setting expectations and deadlines for both himself and his clients. Trusting and relying on his team has been pivotal in successfully managing client needs while attending to his personal requirements. Effective communication and accountability play essential roles in achieving this balance.

During his leisure time, Wes indulges in his passion for skateboarding and playing golf, allowing him to unwind and recharge.

Wes Prime’s role as Crew Chief at FOCUS Construction Staking highlights his commitment to delivering exceptional results. Through effective coordination, a focus on personal and professional growth, and a dedication to client success, Wes continues to thrive within the FOCUS team. With a healthy work-life balance and his unwavering motivation, he serves as an inspiration to colleagues and clients alike.