Our Mission

To Keep FOCUS Clients Happy

We constantly strive to provide service that goes above and beyond what our clients need. Through honest communication, we develop trust in our words, processes, and interactions, each tailored to individual client needs. Every client is different, and we aim for success with each individually.

2021-2022 Theme: 100%

We aim to give 100% at our work—not just in what we do but also in how we do it. Our commitment to delivering 100% extends to our core mission and values, our team as a whole, one another as individuals, personal improvement, our “right now” efforts, and our passion for client success.

Core Objectives

We are steadfastly committed to three objectives: 1) what we are deeply passionate about – our clients’ success, 2) what we can be the best in the world at – customer service, and 3) what best drives our economic engine – being extremely efficient.

Becoming a Better Place

At FOCUS, we are seeking to both create and be an integral part of something better. We pursue like-minded collaborators with a desire to achieve this ideal. And we push ourselves and support one another in striving for success, personal improvement, and effective teamwork that elevates us all."

The Practice of Extreme Ownership

We develop the habit of being responsible for everything within our purview, not just tasks under our direct control, but any duty that may affect whether our mission is successful.

Definition of Great

The FOCUS definition of great is achieving constant improvement and growth.

Our Values

Customer Service

Customer service is the foundation of everything we do. We want clients to know that they made the correct choice in partnering with us.


No amount of accomplishment is worth sacrificing our integrity; we pride ourselves in honesty and fairness with our clients, associates, vendors, and one another.


We support, motivate, and encourage one another, as well as our extended team of clients and associates, to become the best we can, together and individually.


Our greatest tools are quality, effective communication, and active listening. We are diligent in our interactions with clients, co-workers, and associates alike.