Apr 14, 2024

Partner Profile: C.W. Urban

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Shaping Utah’s Urban Real Estate Landscape

FOCUS Engineering & Surveying is proud to partner with C.W. Urban, a leading Utah-based development group at the forefront of urban real estate development. This vertically integrated firm brings a unique approach, combining design, construction, and development expertise under one roof.

Diverse Expertise for Utah Development Projects

C.W. Urban operates through several specialized divisions, each contributing to their success in Utah development. Their reach extends beyond just residential projects:

  • C.W. Urban: Oversees the development and management of rental properties, including apartments, retail spaces, and industrial units.
  • HOME by C.W.: Focuses on residential construction, specializing in single-family homes and townhouses.
  • C.W. Design: The architectural arm responsible for creating beautiful and functional designs tailored to each project’s specific needs.
  • C.W. Build: Provides commercial general contracting services for the C.W. Group, ensuring seamless execution of construction projects.

Thoughtful Design Sets C.W. Urban Apart

C.W. Urban prioritizes thoughtful planning, from initial site selection to final construction. Their expertise goes beyond simply building structures; they create sophisticated living spaces that integrate seamlessly into existing urban environments. This meticulous approach has earned them a reputation as one of Utah’s premier developers, particularly known for their expertise in infill projects—revitalizing underutilized urban areas.

A Unique Architectural Vision for Modern Living

Ian Cahoon, a key member of the C.W. Urban team, highlights what sets them apart: “We are passionate about delivering top-notch design and staying ahead of the curve in Utah development. Our unique, contemporary architectural style caters to those who desire a vibrant urban lifestyle.”

Built by Her: A Company Rooted in Strong Values

C.W. Urban’s commitment to excellence extends beyond design. A company slogan, “built by her” is a tribute to their CEO, Darlene Carter, fostering a culture that values leadership and innovation. Project names often pay homage to remarkable women who have had significant impact in the lives of company members.

A Trusted Partner for Industry Expertise

C.W. Urban recognizes the value FOCUS brings to their projects. “We appreciate FOCUS’s extensive experience in navigating complex scenarios,” says Ian. “Their ability to understand the regulatory landscape, coupled with their collaborative approach, is invaluable. They take the time to truly comprehend our vision and develop solutions that meet our needs while satisfying regulatory requirements.”

Collaboration Creates Success: The North Point at West Point Project

A perfect example of this successful collaboration is the North Point at West Point project. During development, C.W. Urban encountered challenges in achieving a design that satisfied the community and Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) regulations. FOCUS played a pivotal role by creating innovative design scenarios that addressed all concerns, paving the way for a successful project.

Building Strong Relationships, Building a Better Salt Lake Valley

The collaborative spirit extends beyond project execution. Ian emphasizes the importance of the working relationship: “We value the open communication and genuine partnership we have with FOCUS. It’s a true team effort, not just a transactional relationship.”

C.W. Urban’s commitment to high-quality urban development allows FOCUS’s expertise to shine. Together, they are shaping the future of the Wasatch Front’s urban landscape, one thoughtfully designed project at a time.