May 13, 2024

Partner Profile: Element Design Collective

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Reimagining Real Estate Development in Utah

Element Design Collective (EDC) is a full-service architecture firm specializing in real estate development. The team takes pride in its attention to detail and intense focus on designing beautiful structures while keeping a close eye on cost-effectiveness.

Established last year, the firm’s principal and founder, Jon Galbraith, has an impressive 18-year background in architecture. Jon speaks with pride as he mentions the long list of projects in the works for his team as they rapidly expand.

A Client-Centric Approach

EDC’s competitive edge is its focus on client priorities, informed by its background and expertise in real estate development. “We make it a priority to be highly responsive to our clients. We are committed to promptly answering phone calls and emails, even outside regular business hours, to ensure our clients always feel supported. Our dedication to exceptional service has resulted in a loyal client base and a steady stream of referrals,” Jon explained.

Exciting Projects for Utah’s Future

EDC boasts a diverse portfolio that includes:

Multifamily Development in Downtown Provo: This project features a beautifully designed 5 over 1 podium structure with spacious, well-appointed apartments.

Hope River Rehabilitation Center: Situated along the Weber River in rural Summit County, Utah. This community-focused project offers a unique location with stunning surroundings.

These projects exemplify EDC’s dedication to innovative and sustainable design solutions. Jon highlights the evolving landscape of Utah’s development: “We’re excited to see cities demanding higher design standards, increased sophistication, and more pedestrian-friendly developments.”

FOCUS and EDC: A Collaborative Partnership for Success

EDC works closely with FOCUS’s Structural Engineering team. Jon estimates that 80% of their projects are in collaboration with FOCUS. “We prioritize collaboration when selecting a long-term strategic partner. FOCUS excels at proposing solutions, involving everyone in the process, and engineering projects to meet codes and balance costs,” he said.

EDC brings an invigorating sense of design to cityscapes along the Wasatch Front. Paired with FOCUS’s expertise and years of experience, it is a perfect partnership. We are thrilled to continue working with EDC as they expand, and we look forward to future collaborations.