Nov 8, 2023

Partner Profile: Gardner

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Sustainability. Community. These are more than just buzz words for Gardner, a premier commercial property development and management company. Gardner’s services range from initiating planning, design, and construction to managing daily operations of real estate development projects. They work primarily throughout Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. Cole Peterson, a Development Associate at Gardner, leads one of Gardner’s current projects, a new development on 170 acres of raw land in West Jordan, Utah.

New Road Design Extends 9000 South in West Jordan

One of the early phases of the project includes working with the FOCUS transportation team to design a roadway bordering the property to extend 9000 South from 6400 West to the Bacchus Highway (SR-111 or 8400 West).  “The road will provide greater access, continuity, and service to the West Jordan area,” said Peterson. The new, approximately one-mile, five-lane corridor will have two lanes in each direction and a center turn lane. FOCUS has evaluated and identified an environmentally responsible alignment for the entire corridor. Other components of the design include assessment of water, sewer, and storm drain utilities, a canal crossing, and traffic signals.

Gardner’s Commitment to Sustainability and Community

Design of the roadway has also included close coordination with not only Gardner, but with the Utah Department of Transportation, West Jordan City, and adjacent property owner, Ivory Homes. “The way Gardner approaches a project is impressive,” said Jason Watson, Transportation Manager at FOCUS. Watson continued, “They are very professional and knowledgeable of the development world. The way they communicate and build relationships with the communities they work in is top-notch and admirable. They really demonstrate genuine interest. They are purposeful in how they align all stakeholders to create a project that is successful and sustainable for everyone involved.”

“West Jordan is an area that has a lot to offer,” said Peterson. He continued, “Gardner is passionate about every project we undertake. The cities and residents we collaborate with are essential to what we do. Specific to this project, the city of West Jordan has been great to work with as we strive to create public improvements, like the roadway, and develop an area of the city that will benefit the city and its residents. We strive to act and deliver on our values to create sustainable, community-centric development.”

Peterson also points to the teamwork among city staff, public agencies, contractors, designers, and consultants like FOCUS who come together to make it all possible. “Every time we met with the FOCUS team, we were confident—it was clear they had the bases covered. They were very prepared and thorough in providing options and solutions,” said Peterson. The construction schedule for the new roadway will start soon and with plans for the road to be open and fully operational by Fall 2024.

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