Oct 23, 2020

Partner Profile: Hallmark Homes

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Hallmark Homes has been in the business of building superior homes for over 27 years. During the last 15 of those years FOCUS Engineering & Surveying (FOCUS) has partnered with them on over 20 development projects. “Initially the team at FOCUS worked with us on development engineering. As the relationship developed (pun intended) and FOCUS expanded their services, they started helping us with home plan engineering as well,” states Construction Manager at Hallmark Homes, Dan Park.

Dan and his colleagues at Hallmark Homes are proud of the fact that they build quality homes for first- and second-time homebuyers. What makes their homes a better product? “We don’t cut corners. Many builders will frame a home with studs at 24-inches on-center; we build our homes at 16-inches on-center,” explains Dan. With studs placed at narrower intervals, the homes are sturdier.

One of the biggest challenges home builders face today is finding affordable land. That’s why Hallmark Homes relies on the team at FOCUS to bring new ideas to the table that will maximize land use. Over the 15-year relationship, FOCUS has grown and expanded their services; this has allowed them to be more flexible and creative during the design and development phase.

“What I enjoy most about being a builder,” remarks Dan, “is watching a raw piece of ground become a new home for a family. And I couldn’t do my job as well without the team at FOCUS.”