May 1, 2021

Partner Profile: Jackson & Leroy

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Jackson & Leroy is a residential general contractor who builds, renovates, and provides estate management services for custom homes. But Jackson & Leroy is not your typical residential contractor; they “orchestrate the movement of every design detail, craftsperson, and material” for a clientele accustomed to exceptional service. Their projects can be found in influential design publications like Traditional Home and Utah Style and Design.

The firm, founded in 2005, genuinely cares about their clients and prides themselves on being a reliable and trustworthy advocate. The team enjoys the challenge of delivering creations imagined by their clients, and they work hard to ensure that the process of designing and building is as gratifying as the home itself.

Three years ago, Whitney Sansom, in Leroy & Jackson’s preconstruction division, reached out to FOCUS Engineering & Surveying to assist them with subdivision amendments for a project, and our relationship grew from there. “FOCUS makes my job easier because they offer all the services we need in-house. Whereas before, I had to coordinate the efforts of independent surveyors and engineers,” states Whitney.

Whitney also appreciates that while FOCUS has other clients with more extensive projects than Jackson & Leroy’s, FOCUS still provides her with the same level of service and responsiveness. “They’ve helped us on more than one occasion with things like drawing revisions that are needed quickly.” With the cost of land being more than ever, Jackson & Leroy also rely on FOCUS to develop creative solutions that maximize the use of property and make the most sense for the project schedule and resources.

One of the most remarkable projects that Jackson & Leroy and FOCUS has teamed on is an underground basketball court with a pool house and soccer field built above ground. “It is an unusual project that required consolidating two lots; moving the above-ground utilities to below ground; rerouting power, communication, and canal easements; and developing a grading and drainage plan that would adequately serve the project.”

For this underground basketball court, Jackson & Leroy relied on FOCUS to develop creative solutions to maximize the use of the property.