May 31, 2023

Partner Profile: Mint Architecture

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Simplifying Design and Construction: Mint Architecture and FOCUS Collaborate for Success

Founded in 2020, Mint Architecture is a full-service architecture and interior design firm. In conjunction with their partner company, Mint Construction, the Mint Companies offer a unique approach that enables them to seamlessly integrate the design and construction phases, resulting in a more efficient and cohesive process. As a rule, subcontractors are invited into the process early, and by doing so, the Mint team eliminates the need for value engineering and bidding after permitting, saving clients time and money.

Shared Goals, Unique Perspectives

Mint Architecture’s primary objective is to simplify the design and construction journey for all. Collaborating with subconsultants like FOCUS from the project’s inception allows them to achieve this goal. This early involvement enables conversations on constructability and budget, ensuring design goals align with practical feasibility. The team at Mint fosters successful projects that satisfy clients by clearly understanding their design goals and managing expectations.

Diverse Collaborations, Impressive Results

The partnership between Mint Architecture and FOCUS extends back to before the firm’s beginnings in 2020. Many Mint Architecture staff have had longstanding associations with FOCUS that predate their time with Mint. The Mint and FOCUS teams have collaborated on a range of projects, showcasing their versatility and adaptability. Their joint efforts have yielded outstanding results, from large downtown podium apartment buildings to smaller office buildings and townhomes.

Aligning Philosophies

Mint Architecture and FOCUS consistently deliver innovative solutions by sharing ideas, knowledge, and expertise. One of the fundamental philosophies both firms hold is the commitment to meeting clients’ design goals and managing expectations upfront. They establish a solid foundation for successful collaborations and ensure client satisfaction by prioritizing communication.

In the complex design and construction world, the partnership between Mint Architecture and FOCUS is a shining example of efficiency and client-focused service. By streamlining the design-build process and prioritizing open collaboration, Mint Architecture and FOCUS create a win-win situation for all involved.