Feb 28, 2024

Partner Profile: Perry Homes

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Perry Homes and FOCUS Engineering & Surveying: An Established Relationship of Success

Making its mark on the Utah landscape is Perry Homes, a family-led company that recently celebrated 51 years in business. The company is now in its second generation of Perry family ownership.

Steady Growth and Stability: The Secret to Longevity

Tyler Perry, the Division Leader for Tooele County and West Jordan, explains that their organization has always been stable and has grown steadily. They have prioritized incrementally maintaining and adding to their established base to avoid overextending. This strategy has enabled them to withstand economic downturns and has played a vital role in their long-term success.

Legacy of Integrating Intelligence and Emotion into Business

Tyler is proud of Perry Homes’ high employee retention rate. Several employees have been with the company for the entirety of their careers, including Dan Jepsen, the college roommate of the company’s founder Bill Perry.

“My dad brought a unique perspective that combined both intelligence and emotion to the management of this company,” recalls Tyler. Perry Homes values lasting industry partnerships, which reflect the legacy of integrating intelligence and emotion into business.

Strong Partnership and Communication Skills Propel Collaborative Projects

One of those partnerships Perry Homes deeply values is its relationship with FOCUS. There are 5+ collaborative projects currently underway across the Salt Lake region.

Merlin Huff, the Vice President of Land Development, expressed that working on the Bingham Heights project is a particularly gratifying experience. According to him, it’s one thing to face a challenge, but it’s another thing to tackle it with a excellent engineers who can help overcome those challenges.

Merlin underlines the partnership’s unifying approach and speedy communication as particular highlights. “Our industry suffers from communication issues. What sets FOCUS apart is their excellent communication skills,” he stated.

An Enduring Relationship

“Our partnership with FOCUS is essential not only for the success of individual projects but also for the overall success of Perry Homes,” Merlin remarked. Perry Homes and FOCUS Engineering & Surveying have a long-standing partnership that will benefit the growing population of Utah. Perry Home’s dedication to the success of each project perfectly aligns with FOCUS’s values. This solid partnership will last for many years to come.