Feb 23, 2022

Partner Profile: Scholz Architects

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Partner Profile: Scholz Architects

Springville-based Scholz Architects is led by Kevin Scholz. He’s been designing commercial, residential, multi-family, industrial and municipal projects for 35 years. The firm provides full architectural services as well as planning, landscape architecture, and computer visualization. A companion company, Environments, provides full-service interior design. In addition to multi-family projects, Scholz Architects also has designed a number of custom homes at Sundance and Deer Valley including singer/songwriter Mindy Gledhill’s home.

Kevin ascribes the firm’s success to making sure the team is a partner with a client (rather than dictating) to ensure they get what they need. He also believes they are good storytellers. “Architecture is primarily storytelling,” he explains. “We capture the owner’s story and express it as completely as possible in the buildings we design for their use.” Young Living’s stunning new global headquarters in Lehi is one example of storytelling. The 263,000 square foot, five-story building looks like a flower and tells the story of a natural products company who believes essential oils are nature’s living energy. A five-story atrium features living walls with plants, indoor water features, and a giant skylight. The aesthetics are balanced with functionality for its nearly 1,000 employees.

Scholz Architects has partnered with FOCUS for close to a decade on more than 50 multi- and single-family projects including Hidden Ridge in Ogden and Vista View Apartments in Spanish Fork. As their go-to firm for structural engineering services, Scholz Architects relies on reasonably priced services performed by competent team members.

While some consultants can be about the things they can’t do, Kevin appreciates that FOCUS always works with him to make things happen. “That attitude is very helpful to us. I need a partner in problem solving,” he shares. This shared philosophy of finding ways to keep clients happy makes working together enjoyable and rewarding.