Jan 12, 2024

Partner Profile: Sirq Construction

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A Dynamic Duo: FOCUS Engineering & Surveying and SIRQ Construction’s Unyielding Commitment to Client Success

SIRQ Construction, a powerhouse in the Utah construction industry, manages multi-million-dollar endeavors primarily along the Wasatch Front and throughout the state. Their impressive portfolio features a range of projects including retail, manufacturing, office, medical, public, tenant, and zoological structures, with notable works like Tracy Aviary and Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City.

Resilience and Trust: The SIRQ Way

Joe Numbers, SIRQ Job Site Superintendent, sheds light on their team’s ability to adeptly handle the constant flux and challenges inherent in construction. “We strategically network to find exceptional clients with whom we have established relationships and trust. Our goal is to understand them and execute their vision,” he remarks, emphasizing the team’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability.

Positioned for Growth

Poised for growth, the strong prospects available in the Utah construction industry excite SIRQ Construction. They invest in strengthening their team, pursuing promising projects in the region, and maintaining their unwavering confidence in Utah’s potential.

Synergy with FOCUS Engineering and Surveying

SIRQ Construction partnered with FOCUS Engineering and Surveying on the Hogle Zoo Wild Utah Experience. Our construction staking team’s extensive and precise work was relied on to navigate a packed space that required every square inch to be utilized to its maximum. The project included interweaving dozens of structures, animal habitats, train lines, tunnels. On top of that, there is Emigration Creek, crowd fencing, walkways, light posts, bollards, and boardwalks.

“It’s been crucial to have a partner on this project willing to adjust their schedule on short notice,” noted Joe. SIRQ appreciates FOCUS’ flexibility in scheduling, prompt responses, and the ability to mobilize technicians quickly. Additionally, they value our attention to detail. We bring to light any issues that may have been overlooked otherwise.

“FOCUS has been integral to coordinating the sequencing of every square inch of the project,” Joe mentioned. Understanding the challenges of complex layouts, sequencing, and overcoming unforeseen obstacles have been essential on the job.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Overall, this partnership is a testament to a shared ethos of delivering exceptional client experiences. We both navigate the complexities of ambitious projects with unwavering commitment to quality. Together, we celebrate our joint venture—and not just for the success of the project. We set a benchmark of excellence in the Utah construction industry, leaving a lasting impact for visitors to Hogle Zoo and beyond.