Jan 26, 2021

Partner Profile: Symphony Homes

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A premier home builder since 1988, Symphony Homes has earned a reputable name for themselves as quality developers and home builders. Symphony’s luxurious homes allow residents to fully indulge in Utah’s beautiful natural environment. Their built communities offer breathtaking mountain landscapes, lake views, and even small-town community life that Utah residents can be proud to call home for many generations to come.

The company focuses on the finer details that are often overlooked, such as the orientation and placement of homes to take advantage of views and other natural environmental features. The aesthetics of their homes are considered at the conception of every community, long before each individual home is designed.

It is this meticulous attention to quality, with the end user in mind, that makes them the perfect partner for FOCUS Engineering & Surveying (FOCUS). Symphony Homes has a high standard for hiring consultants with strong track records of helping create successful communities. Russell Wilson, Land Acquisition & Development for Symphony

Homes shared, “FOCUS has intimate knowledge of each municipality’s standards and requirements that help streamline the entitlement and design process to keep our projects on schedule and under budget.”

FOCUS and Symphony Homes have successfully collaborated on seven projects together, some of which are ongoing, as well as several prospective projects in the works for the future. Our partnership’s most recent collaboration is a 900-unit master-planned community in Tooele County, Utah that we are very excited about bringing to our community.

Russell shared that his favorite project with FOCUS thus far is Symphony Homes’ Summerhill Lane development in Centerville, a current endeavor. With zoning that was difficult to obtain, requiring numerous conceptual design iterations due to several challenging constraints, Russell said, “FOCUS stepped up to the challenge and worked closely with us to find a creative solution. It is nice to have a partner that is as concerned about quality and detail as we are.” He continued, “A lot of developers, including us, struggle to help surrounding communities catch the vision of new projects. FOCUS has helped us cast our vision and share it with the public in the best way possible by providing detailed, and well-thought-out design that capture the people’s attention. At the end of the municipal public hearings, it is not uncommon for adjacent homeowners to inquire about moving into one of our communities.”

FOCUS appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Symphony Homes, and we look forward to helping them continue shaping the Utah landscape with exquisite quality homes.