Nov 13, 2023

Partner Profile: Woodside Homes

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FOCUS Engineering & Surveying and Woodside Homes: A Partnership Rooted in Quality and Sustainability

At FOCUS Engineering & Surveying, we pride ourselves on forming strategic partnerships that align with our core values and commitment to excellence. One such partnership that stands out is our collaboration with Woodside Homes, a premier home builder known for their design philosophy, sustainability focus, and innovative building solutions.

Design Philosophy of Woodside Homes

Woodside Homes is dedicated to creating sanctuary-like homes that serve as a landing pad for families. Their goal is for people to feel entirely at home and comfortable in their spaces, with each home uniquely tailored to the needs of the family. “Home should be the happiest place in the world,” says Matthew Lundquist, Architectural Design Manager at Woodside Homes. “We build homes that allow people to live in the best way suited for their unique family units.”

Their builds are characterized by innovative features such as Home Oasis, designed to maximize the flow between inside and outside; Work + Space, dedicated or multi-functional rooms for increased productivity; and Soothing Spaces, enhancements that create at-home spa retreats.

Sustainability Focus

Sustainability is a key focus for Woodside Homes, a value they share with their parent company, Sekisui House. A critical aspect of their sustainability approach is ventilation. High-efficiency furnaces and AC units provide both environmental benefits and a cozy atmosphere. “We create a tight envelope around the home,” says Matthew, highlighting the importance of balancing comfort with environmental consciousness.

Future Goals

As a premier home builder, Woodside Homes has a clear vision for the future, with a goal to create connected, walkable neighborhoods that foster community. Their continued focus on sustainability aims to offer net-zero homes in the near future.

Partnership with FOCUS Engineering & Surveying

Our collaboration with Woodside Homes has led to numerous successful projects across Utah. These include Sky Ranch in West Jordan, Day Ranch Community in Bluffdale, and Salt Point in West Haven. Woodside Homes depends on a variety of services from FOCUS, including structural engineering and grading and site plans provided by our Residential Site Civil department, to guarantee seamless and successful builds.

Matthew highlights the valuable partnership with FOCUS, emphasizing our strong collaboration, shared vision, and excellent communication. “FOCUS truly values us, aligning their interests with ours,” he notes.

We wholeheartedly agree. Our collaboration with Woodside Homes exemplifies our mutual dedication to providing top-notch, sustainable, and innovative building solutions. We take pride in our joint efforts with Woodside Homes to create homes and communities that people love.

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