Credit Card Refund Policy

Refunds can be issued in cases where services have not yet commenced.

In cases where services have already commenced and a refund is being requested, the request will be discussed with your project manager and the Focus accounting department to determine if and how much of a refund is appropriate.

In most cases, approved refunds will be posted within 24 hours.

PayTrace “Paylink” Payment Processing Terms and Conditions

By clicking “Submit Payment”, you agree to pay the indicated amount and provide your information to help us process your payment and detect fraud.
Your payment is being processed using As part of this service, we collect information necessary to complete the transaction and as requested by Focus Engineering & Surveying, LLC.

Privacy Policy

Focus Engineering & Surveying, LLC, only uses your information to process payment under normal operating procedures and we will never share or sell any data we collect from PayTrace.

For information regarding the security and use of your information by PayTrace, visit PayTrace Privacy Policy.