Jul 12, 2023

Project Spotlight: The Orchard Multifamily Development

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The Orchard multifamily development project is comprised of 66 townhomes and 30 duplexes sitting on ten acres in Sandy, Utah. This collaboration marked the first time FOCUS Engineering & Surveying partnered with DAI Utah on a townhome or duplex project.

As the consultant on the project, FOCUS ensured every aspect aligned with the client’s vision. By assisting DAI with tight timelines, particularly on the vertical side, FOCUS delivered on schedule, reinforcing their client’s trust in the team’s capabilities.

The Orchard multifamily development project did not come without challenges. Integrating the new sidewalk with the existing and ensuring smooth transitions from curb to sidewalk were obstacles. However, the experienced crew at FOCUS tackled these challenges head-on. Through effective communication and a deep understanding of their client’s expectations, the team speedily addressed concerns, ensuring a seamless project flow.

What sets FOCUS apart is its commitment to going the extra mile. The FOCUS team helped DAI navigate setbacks and considerations by providing valuable insights and solutions, such as matching the existing road. DAI’s appreciation for FOCUS’ dedication was evident as they are working on additional projects together. Such recognition speaks volumes about the team’s exceptional service and the strong relationships they build.

With its civil design and land development expertise, FOCUS proved its capability to handle complex projects. Their ability to deliver on client expectations, maintain open lines of communication, and provide tailored solutions has positioned them as a trusted partner.