Dec 20, 2023

Project Spotlight: Wild Utah at Hogle Zoo

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Hogle Zoo’s Wild Utah: FOCUS’s Role in Shaping Tomorrow’s Nature Experience

At FOCUS, we’re not just building structures; we’re crafting experiences. Our latest project, the Wild Utah exhibit at Hogle Zoo, is a prime example of this philosophy. Set to open in Spring 2024, this 3-acre development endeavors to create a natural sanctuary for Utah’s native wildlife, where the essence of nature is at the forefront.

Constructing Habitats with a Purpose

Our Construction Staking Department was at the heart of this undertaking. Faced with the unique challenge of creating habitats for cougars, bighorn sheep, wild burros, badgers, and several other native animals, we had to innovate beyond conventional construction methodologies. Each environment needed to be vibrant ecosystems conducive to each species’ natural behavior.

In-depth surveying and careful planning were key. We meticulously marked out territories for each species. This precision was particularly vital given the pre-manufactured nature of these habitats. They demanded exact base point surveying for a perfect fit.

Interconnecting Natural Experiences

Collaborating with SIRQ Construction, we faced and overcame several challenges. One major challenge was efficiently using the limited space and coordinating the installation of the enclosures. This collaboration was key to keeping the project on track.

Anticipating a Wild Success

As Wild Utah at Hogle Zoo prepares to welcome visitors in Spring 2024, it stands as a future testament to the synergy between human ingenuity and wildlife conservation. Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, right within the city’s limits.

Our joint efforts with SIRQ highlight our commitment to projects that are more than just physical spaces—they are experiences that honor and celebrate the natural world. Wild Utah is poised to be a beacon of this ethos, and we at FOCUS are proud to contribute to its realization.

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