Nov 13, 2023

Project Spotlight: Salt Point Townhomes

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Salt Point Townhomes: A Model of Townhome Structural Engineering

Nestled in West Haven, Utah, the Salt Point Townhomes stand as a prime example of townhome structural engineering done right. Woodside Homes partnered with FOCUS Engineering & Surveying to deliver a residential development that promises both style and stability.

Engineering for Durability

The development includes a range of structural designs for the Legacy and Enclave series townhomes. The client brought FOCUS Engineering & Surveying on board to provide these designs, ensuring the right balance between durability and aesthetic variety.

A Collaborative Approach

Maintaining a clear line of communication, FOCUS has consistently addressed site issues and collaborated closely with Woodside Homes. This approach has kept the project on track and responsive to any construction challenges.

Solutions that Build Communities

The FOCUS team contributed design solutions that have streamlined the construction process and introduced cost efficiencies. We made these contributions with careful attention to maintaining the project’s standards and timelines.

Ongoing Development

Since its inception in July 2019, Salt Point Townhomes has been a testament to the adaptable and meticulous nature of townhome structural engineering by FOCUS. As the project advances, the team remains dedicated to excellence in every beam, wall, and living space they help create.

Commitment to Quality

FOCUS Engineering & Surveying continues to apply its focused expertise in townhome structural engineering to the Salt Point Townhomes project, ensuring a future community that is not just built but thoughtfully engineered for enduring quality.

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