Apr 3, 2024

Project Spotlight: SR-87 and County Road Intersection

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Enhancing Safety at the Intersection of SR-87 and County Road

Utah’s State Route 87 (SR-87) stretches over 37 miles, linking several communities within Duchesne County. Notably, at mile marker 7.6, a county road intersects SR-87, providing access to a nearby landfill and an oil refinery. This intersection is frequented by large trucks making turns to either facility.

Identifying the Challenge

The main safety concern arose when these large trucks attempted to turn off SR-87 onto the county road. A power pole at the corner significantly narrowed the turning space, compelling trucks to swing into the oncoming traffic lane, thus posing a risk to oncoming vehicles.

Initial Considerations

FOCUS Engineering & Surveying, commissioned by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), undertook a concept study to propose viable solutions. Among the considered options were the expansion of SR-87 to incorporate dedicated turning and acceleration lanes for both traffic directions.

The FOCUS Solution

Through collaboration with UDOT and Duchesne County, FOCUS developed a more cost-effective approach. The solution involved shifting the county road north, away from the problematic power pole. This enabled the creation of a new intersection with a safer turning radius for large vehicles. While acquiring some additional right-of-way was necessary, this design minimized project costs while significantly improving safety at the intersection.

Improved Traffic Flow and Safety

This creative approach demonstrates FOCUS’s commitment to finding innovative and cost-conscious solutions to transportation challenges. The new intersection design will improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of accidents for trucks and other vehicles traveling on SR-87.

FOCUS leverages its expertise to enhance infrastructure and ensure public safety. This project exemplifies our dedication to finding practical solutions for a safer transportation network. Additionally, it represents a benchmark for future projects where infrastructure enhancements are achieved through thoughtful planning and cooperative effort.


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