Jul 1, 2024

Project Spotlight: Trailside Townhomes

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Trailside Townhomes—Elevating Modern Living in Draper, Utah

Nestled on the south side of the mountain in Draper, Utah, Trailside Townhomes is a new multifamily residential development that seamlessly blends natural beauty with modern living. FOCUS Engineering & Surveying is proud to contribute to this ambitious project by providing essential construction staking services.

Project Scale and Features

The Trailside Townhomes project encompasses 149 units distributed across 30 buildings, each offering breathtaking views of Utah Lake. This large-scale development required a significant effort to move and shape the gully where the townhomes will be situated. The site’s unique topography necessitated the construction of 14 retaining walls to support the buildings and integrate them into the hillside.

Client Needs and FOCUS’ Response

The client requested a comprehensive survey bid for all necessary staking services. FOCUS proposed several options and worked through multiple revisions to ensure that both parties felt confident in the scope of services. Our commitment to clear communication and flexibility helped us align our services with the client’s needs.

Construction Staking Services in Action

FOCUS took a meticulous approach to construction staking, translating the project’s design plans into precise physical markers on the ground. Here’s how we ensured the success of Trailside Townhomes through our construction staking services:

  1. Initial Site Surveying: Before construction began, our team conducted a detailed topographic survey to identify existing features and potential challenges on the site. This initial survey was crucial for planning the accurate placement of the townhomes and supporting infrastructure.
  2. Marking Reference Points: Utilizing advanced equipment, we marked exact locations for foundational elements. These included building corners, walls, utility lines, and roads. Such reference points served as critical guides for the construction crews, ensuring that every element was positioned correctly according to the design plans.
  3. Elevation and Grading: To address the site’s unique topography, we set precise elevation markers to guide proper grading and leveling. This step was essential for maintaining the stability and proper drainage of the site, particularly given the need for 14 retaining walls to integrate the buildings into the hillside.
  4. Verification and Adjustments: Throughout the construction process, our surveyors periodically re-checked and verified the staked points to ensure ongoing accuracy. This continuous verification allowed us to make necessary adjustments promptly, preventing costly errors and delays.
  5. Coordination with Construction Teams: Effective communication and collaboration were key to our approach. We worked closely with construction managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the staking aligned with the overall construction plan. This coordination facilitated the smooth execution of the project and allowed us to address any changes or feedback promptly.
Delivering Results

The sheer size and complexity of the project posed significant challenges. FOCUS addressed these by maintaining frequent communication with the general contractor, BCC Construction Group, and understanding their construction game plan. This proactive approach allowed us to accurately propose and deliver the necessary staking services. We have ensured that the project proceeded without delays.


Stay tuned for updates on this remarkable development, as FOCUS continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of residential living in Draper, Utah. For inquiries or to understand more about our services, feel free to contact us at 801.352.0075 or info@focus-es.com.