Jun 17, 2024

Project Spotlight: Tuttle Addition

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Transforming a Farmhouse into a Spacious Family Home in Sandy, Utah

The Tuttle addition project showcases FOCUS Engineering & Surveying’s expertise in residential remodels and additions. Located in Sandy, Utah, this project involved a significant transformation of the Tuttle family’s existing farmhouse-style home, expanding it to a generous 4,732 square feet.

Scope of Work: Enhancing Living Space and Functionality

The project aimed at redesigning the existing second floor and adding a master suite above the garage. Additionally, two new bedrooms were constructed over the existing family room. The primary objective was to create a functional, spacious environment while preserving the stunning mountain views that the Tuttle family cherished.

Client-Centric Approach: Meeting the Tuttle’s Vision

The Tuttles desired a home that catered to their expanding family’s needs. They requested a private master suite and additional bedrooms on the second floor. Their vision included maintaining the farmhouse aesthetic while enhancing the home’s functionality.

Overcoming Challenges with Creative Solutions

Integrating new additions with the existing structure presented several challenges. The team at FOCUS had to ensure the new design blended seamlessly with the original architecture. The project required a creative approach to incorporate myriad ideas within the constraints of the existing home.

Collaborative Process: Ensuring Client Satisfaction

To address these challenges, the CAD and structural teams at FOCUS worked closely, holding multiple meetings with the Tuttle family throughout the year. This iterative process allowed us to refine the design and ensure we realized every aspect of the client’s vision. By leveraging our expertise, we suggested the best solutions to maximize the usability and aesthetic appeal of the new space.

Unique Farmhouse Features: Elevating the Design

The Tuttle Addition remodel included several unique features that enhanced the farmhouse design. Simple yet elegant corbels, trim, and roof designs were incorporated to elevate the overall look while maintaining a cohesive style. The master suite, a highlight of the addition, offers a private and spacious retreat with stunning mountain views.


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