Oct 23, 2023

Project Spotlight: UTA Operator Rest Rooms

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Pioneering Pre-Fabricated Restrooms for UTA: A Case Study in Innovation and Collaboration

Client: Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

Location: Salt Lake & Davis Counties

Project Duration: March 2021–May 2022

Services: Transportation Engineering

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) is a driving force behind public transportation throughout Utah. When tasked with the challenge of building restrooms for its bus and train operators at five existing transit facilities, UTA turned to FOCUS Engineering & Surveying for a collaborative and innovative solution.

The Challenge

The project’s central aim was to design sites with water, sewer, power, and grading that could accommodate pre-fabricated restroom buildings—a new concept for UTA. This not only required seamless communication among various stakeholders but also demanded a keen eye for detail to handle the unique grading at the different sites.

The Innovative Solution

FOCUS led the charge in assisting UTA with selecting these pre-fabricated structures. By liaising effectively with manufacturers, FOCUS was able to set new standards that will influence future UTA projects.

Seamless Communication

To ensure that all parties were on the same page, FOCUS arranged weekly meetings with UTA and internal team members. This consistent dialogue allowed for real-time feedback and adjustments, thereby making certain that all project milestones were met.

Complex Utility Tie-ins

A unique aspect of this project was the complexities of the utility tie-ins due to the varying site gradings. By collaborating closely with UTA and city authorities, FOCUS managed to navigate these challenges smoothly.

Cost Management

Effective cost management was a critical component of this project. Through diligent planning and execution, FOCUS was able to deliver the project within budget, without compromising on the quality of the work.

The Outcome

The project was completed successfully between March 2021 and May 2022. The new pre-fabricated restrooms stand as a testament to the innovation and collaboration between UTA and FOCUS Engineering & Surveying.

Future Implications

The lessons learned and standards set during this project will influence future developments, making it a landmark project not just for FOCUS and UTA, but for public transportation facilities in Utah.

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